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In one miraculous passage, a subjective camera records the protagonist’s winding attempt to drive out of a parking structure; it is fraught with desperation, a sense that he feels his life is at a dead-end. Perhaps it is his fate that he is trying to elude as he jumps the speed limit for one last ride; anticipating Hitchcock (The Birds, 1963), birds gather on high, with one swooping down to deliver him to his fate, and his diaphanous spirit stands in front of a three-sided mirror that is facing us, begging us to consider more carefully the choices that we make.
* 3-Sided Mirror & Drawer
Mirrors, lenses, and prisms reflect, refract, and split light into different colors. Available in different sizes, our high quality are durable and just right for mirror writing, periscopes, and many other experiments. uses mirrored surfaces to create a 3-dimensional real image. The is double sided and curved and so has both a concave side and a convex side on a single mirror. are made of optical glass or clear colorless acrylic plastic. Shop for Furniture of America Classic Nasheline 3 Drawer Vanity / 3 Sided Mirror Set#3 HD Cone Socket Mirror Single SidedAthy Silver Vanity w/ Stool & 3 Sided Mirror & Storage Drawers
Unique in the world of glass design. This laminated double-sided mirror (3 + 3 mm) combines two Mirox MNGE mirrors using a special adhesive that makes it very resistant to humidity, ideal for wall cladding in sauna and pools (cannot come into direct contact with water).
And there’s the added benefit of having a mirror on both sides.
AdvantagesThis mirror is tri-fold and looks very stylish. It is simple but very reliable. It is foldable and very easy to carry. Most women love it due to the fact that it is a 3-sided mirror that can fit in a woman’s bag/makeup bag. It uses energy efficient LED bulbs. This mirror allows you to have a perfect view of your face when you’re removing or applying makeup.In 1988 I was playing with some 12" squares of mirror whilelooking for interesting decorative effects to use in a museum exhibit onelectronics. I found that a trio of mirrors placed together on edge upon atabletop would cause a "kalidoscope" effect. Even better, the view insidethis 3-sided mirror-chamber revealed infinite vistas of three-dimensionalpolished wood, stretching off into the distant horizon. And if I tiltedthe mirrors slightly outwards, the flat tabletop became a sphere. Cool!Get ready for your closeup with this versatile makeup mirror, a 3-panel vanity mirror with a double sided center panel that is suitable for use anywhere, from the dorm room to the bedroom. Four light settings simulate day, evening, office and home, creating environments that put you in your best light at 1x or 5x magnification. The three panels provide wide-angle viewing, and they fold to close and carry.This oval-shaped double-sided lighted mirror by Conair comes in a lovely oiled-bronze finish and offers a 1x/7x magnification. While durable, it is still fairly light at 3.6lbs making it easy to carry or move.