Overall, the ingredients in Acana dog food are above average.

Acana Pacific Dog Food matches the natural diet of your dog as Nature intended it to be.
Blended with Biologically Appropriate ideas in mind, ACANA Meadowland Dog Food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Most of that protein comes from abundant fresh meats to mimic a wolf’s own natural diet. With five kinds of meat protein, there is lots of variety. Chicken, turkey, egg, catfish, and trout provide different protein sources to keep your pet’s stomach happy. Variety, just like they would find in the wild.
Acana Heritage Dog Food (Canada) receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.
I love Orijen and Acana dog food for my Maltese, but lately he has so much gas!!!! His stools are very firm, almost hard. Any thoughts on changing his diet or adding something? I did add a few drops of olive oil to his dry food this morning. When he started eating Orijen his tear staining cleared up and his eyes look great. Acana Heritage Dog Food (USA) receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4.5 stars.Acana dog food review has evaluated this brand for an . It scored 95/100 points .Acana dog food ingredients are listed in order of weight, starting with the heaviest first.
The ingredients in all Acana Dog Food are the best quality locally grown ingredients. It is real food for your beloved pet. Depending on the variety you chose, the proteins can come from chicken, fish, lamb, beef, or pork. Next, we will go through all the ingredients in the Acana Dog food, to let you know how they have mixed the ingredients to make them count for your dog’s nutrition. Here are the insights.Another benefit of Acana over other dog foods that are very popular on the market is that they have a no grain policy. The producers of Acana Dog Food are acutely aware of the harm grain fillers can do in the long run. This is why they avoid them so that there is no risk for your dog of any kind.Unlike other dog foods that mostly contain fillers, Acana can be considered light. It is perfect for dogs that are overweighed, since it provides nutrients, reducing the level of hunger your pet usually has. That way, he will eat better, and meals of better quality. Giving your dog fewer carbs also will help. But most of all, the boost of energy your dog receives from the Acana Dog Food will make him move all over the place, burning those excessive calories. All these benefits are hardly found in other brands. They don’t understand how to nourish your dogs and focus mostly on filling his hunger, not in feeding his body.Finally, the many flavors in the Acana Dog Food can be an issue. Some dogs are not willing to change the flavor, and when we change it without further notice, our dog will stop eating. In that case, it is not the formula what is wrong, but the flavor that your dog doesn’t like. The problem there is that despite you can go back to the previous, there is no refund on dog food, and therefore, you would have to give away an absolutely good pack of meal that your dog didn’t like. Most customers give Acana Dog Food a good customer review. Few state that their dogs were not eating, and it is because they chose the wrong flavor.The main drawback when you give Acana Dog Food to your pet is that it will initially affect your budget if you had not considered the cost of truly high-quality food for your dog. It is more expensive than other brands that sell similar packages but with lower quality and mostly fillers to lower the price tag. Acana doesn’t do that. They have not entered the price war in dog food, maintaining their quality.If your dog pet has a particular health condition, like liver or kidney problems, should not eat dog food rich in protein content. This is because protein makes the most use of these organs, causing an increased stress that can worsen their condition. That doesn’t mean that your dog should not eat proteins. In fact, if your pet is in perfect health, it will benefit out of a high protein diet extensively. The problem is for those dogs that are not well, and need to recover. In such cases, you must find a different menu than the one Acana Dog Food has to offer.