Advil is not recommended for dogs as it is very hard on their kidneys.
The real danger with a drug like Advil is that you cannot see any immediate effects of the poisoning. Although it may provide effective pain relief for your dog, it’s potentially very dangerous. Before you realize it, your pet dog’s internal organs may be slowly failing. At that time it may be too late. Irreversible harm is very possible!
One of my dogs ate 2 advil from my purse and I induced vomiting...thank goodness they came right up - I caught it before they dissolved.
Dogs are highly valued. Dogs are much loved… even considered to be members of the family. Thus it is not surprising for an owner to be concerned with the well being of the pet. Dogs like humans would be off color one time or another. Dogs would be in pain due to injuries, due to a medical procedure or a medical concern. We humans would commonly reach for aspirin or Advil when we are in pain. Many people would think that what is safe for them is also safe for the dog. Are you one of the people with the same way of thinking? Would you give your dog ibuprofen for pain? Some dog owners would say yes, some would say no. Just as it would not be a good idea to share your medication with another person, human medication must not be given to animals too. A concerned dog owner may give a dog ibuprofen as an emergency pain relief but this drug can cause the pet more harm than good. Advil Poisoning in Dogs | Advil for DogsAdd Your Own Answer to the Question Can I Give My Dog Advil?My dog ate Advil - Puppy & Dog Forums
These days, while talking to my mom on the phone, I thought that giving Advil to a dog is exactly the kind of stuff my mom would do. Not really caring if it was true or not, I told her about it. Lo and behold, she had done it a few times and the dog wasn't dead (do I know my mom or what?)Cats are thought to be twice as sensitive to ibuprofen’s toxic effects as dogs due to lack of certain hepatic enzymes in their system. This means that the ingestion of just 2 Advil® could be enough to lead to kidney failure. Ferrets that ingest ibuprofen are at high risk for CNS depression and coma, with or without GI upset. Toxicity may also be more severe if the animal is already on an approved nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication for arthritis or pain controlOne thing in particular- our vet was very specific to say it MUST must be Children's Advil liquid, 5cc (100mg) per dose. That's 1tsp, which is a very small amount in the measuring cup included, just the first hash mark. A whole measuring cup would be 500mg, which could really be a problem for anyone thinking that's 5cc. Just a tip if anyone else gets this prescribed for their dog and uses the cup included for dosing.If your dog is suffering from fever or painful symptoms it is natural to feel concerned about their well being. But instead of choosing to impulsively self medicate your pet with Advil or any other over the counter medicine, the best option is to always seek the vet’s opinion.Advil, Nuprin, Motrin are brand names of ibuprofen. This over the counter medication, similar to aspirin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is commonly used for immediate pain relief. The drug decreases fever as well. People suffering from arthritis routinely take ibuprofen as the drug reduces pain caused by inflammation. The production of prostaglandins in trauma related injuries is inhibited by ibuprofen and other NSAIDs, reducing inflammation and consequently easing the pain. Unfortunately, when inflammation is inhibited by prostaglandin, other body functions being done by prostaglandin such as protecting the lining of the stomach and ensuring normal blood flow in the kidneys are inhibited as well. Ibuprofen is a human medication specially formulated so that the human body would tolerate the drug. This is not so in the case of the dog. Because the drug metabolizes slowly, continued use would build up to levels that cannot be tolerated by the dog resulting to gastric ulcers and kidney damage. Ibuprofen is noted to cause acute renal failure in small dogs. An over dose of ibuprofen is fatal as it would poison the dog. Apart from being inquisitive, dogs are voracious eaters as well. Sugar coated ibuprofen would be yummy to the dog. Dogs have the propensity to chew and swallow edible and non-edible things. Imagine what will happen if the dog has managed to chew a packet of Advil. Typically, an Advil or a Motrin is available in 200 mg tablet, caplet or gel caplets. In some cases, a vet can recommend ibuprofen to the dog. A dog can safely have 2 to 4 mg per pound of body weight. This means that the dog should have a very small fraction of the pill. The dog can be poisoned by a well meaning dog owner who is trying to provide the pet relief from pain. Avoiding any form of self mediation on your dog is one of the most crucial aspects of being a care giver to your pet. Not only is the practice of administering over the counter medicines like Advil unsuitable for dogs and other animals some of them can cause serious and irreparable damage to them.