Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 6364 Series Replacement Shaft Set

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 5045/5055 Series Replacement Ball Bearing Set (3pcs/bag)
I am looking at hiring a car for March/April next year and stumbled upon Aerodrive Car hire. They have very reasonable rates and are located at and Christchurch airport.
Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 50-XX Spare Accessory Pack
Yesterday, I received an email (no phone call) from Aerodrive saying that my car hire reservation had been cancelled one week out from my self-drive trip around the . The car (a 4WD) had been organised weeks before at a competitve price. The reason that this happened as explained by the customer service person was that Aerodrive car supplier had not come through with vehicles it had been promised. So effectively. Aerodrive was accepting bookings for vehicles it didnt actually have and didnt see any problem with this. The same email offered me a 25% discount on my next booking with them from May - useless since we are only there in March. They did not offer to help me find a replacement vehicle either. Hoping to use the 25% off immediately, i saw that there was a compact vehicle still available on their website, I booked this one the following day against my better judgement. Not trusting the booking, I rang to double check and it turned out this car was not actually in stock either - which he confirmed. 1 hour later they rang back to say the car was out of stock, even though they had accepted the booking. So later that day I had to scramble to organise another car. Customer service said the 25% discount had no expiry date but I can now never trust them as I could've had my entire holiday ruined given the places we are going are only accessible by car. Being so late now, we could no longer get a 4WD which are very popular and we had a to pay an extra $200 for a much smaller car. If you want piece of mind with your booking, avoid Aerodrive and go with another company ( we rebooked with Go Rentals) who are professional and wont leave you high and dry because they've been greedy and completely stupid promising vehicles they dont actually have. Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192kv Brushless Outrunner MotorTurnigy Aerodrive SK3 2822/2826/2830 Series Replacement Ball Bearing Set (2pcs/bag)Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190kv
Aerodrive Car Rental is one of 800 car rental companies we compare when you search for deals. Below you will find a complete list of countries where Aerodrive Car Rental are located. Select a country and search today to find the best price on . Alternatively be informed before you book and see what our customers say about Aerodrive Car Rental in our section.We too am looking at a very reasonable quote from Aerodrive for January 2017 but cannot see anyone that has used them. I usually say you get what you pay for so am very worried to be the first to try them out. It could be that they are a new company and are promoting these prices to get started.likewise , looking at NZ rental for March April. Aerodrive offers half that of other well known outfits for similar car eg Hyundai Tucson ?? Tempting but looks weird!Figured we get a lot of questions about car hire. Used aerodrive for a week and for the price found them to be awesome. Hired a Hyundia 4wd with roof racks and chains at a price about 30% cheaper than I had originally booked with another company.I visited the in mid-December and used Aerodrive. Once out of the arrival hall in Christchurch, there is a free phone for you to call them. We proceeded past the Vodafone counter as instructed to the bus pick up point. Within five minutes, a van with the Aerodrive logo came and picked us up, 2 adults and 2 kids with 3 luggage so. Another 5 minutes or so and we were at the rental location itself. We had originally booked a Toyota hatchback, but they upgraded us to a SUV at no additional cost! The car only had 15k on the clock. The rental for 11 days is the cheapest you can find in the market, by up to 30%. Gimmicks? Not really, it is what it says on the tin. There was no hard sell or anything like that. And when we said we already had our own insurance to cover the excess, they were totally cool about it. Very professional. And they are the only company we know where you can book without providing any credit card upfront. The return was equally straightforward. Within 5 minutes, we were back at the airport and on our way home. No frills, no hard sell, no nonsense. Much better than the usual companies you see at the airport arrival hall. I would suggest people give them a try. Additional 10% off when you click like on their Facebook page!Excellent car hire company with pick up from Queenstown airport. The car only had 20K kilometres on it. All the cars waiting for rental appeared to be very new. Really good value. Don't be put off by the portacabin office, this is a new company and they probably would rather offer you the discount than spend on a flashy building. Will definitely use again. They even found our wallet that we'd left in the car when we returned it. Thank you Aerodrive for your honesty :)