Looking for some advice about Eco Complete African Cichlid GRAVEL

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On the website, it looks more black and brown, but I've had mine for about a year now and now it's mainly white and grey. Mine doesn't have much brown or black in it at all anymore. But I like it just the same even though the darker colors have faded. It's loaded with good stuff for my cichlids! It has all kinds of small pieces of seashell and coral in it and it has aragonite too. It adds calcium, magnesium, carbonate and other good things to the tank. It contains live water-purifying bacteria. The website says that 4 equals 1! You would have to buy 4 bags of ordinary gravel to equal the surface area available for water purifying bacteria in just one bag of Eco-Complete African Cichlid Gravel! And no rinsing is required. DO NOT RINSE THE GOOD STUFF OFF before putting it into your tank!!! Your water will be cloudy for probably two days after adding it to your tank... And I can personally say I have NEVER had an algae problem since I started using this gravel.
Carib Sea CS00773 2-20 lb African Cichlid Gravel - Pet Supplies - Sears
I am getting ready to set up my first cichlid tank. It is a 125 gallon (6ft long) that I am planning on stocking with Malawi cichlid. I am curious if anyone has used this product (Eco-Complete African Cichlid Gravel) it states that it will maintain the high PH cichlids need without adding any chemicals. But for 125 gallon tank it recommends 1 pound of gravel for each gallon of water. So I would need 6 bags for a total cost of 161.00, which seems like an aweful lot of gravel. How many pounds are normally added to 125 gallon? African cichlid moving gravel - YouTubeCarib Sea Carib Sea ACS00250 African Cichlid Gravel Mix for ..