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I would like to begin by stating I am a huge fan of both Boaphile and Animal Plastics for different reasons. I had seven (two I bought used) Boaphile 421Ds and three Animal Plastics racks prior to the purchases of five AP T-10s. My analysis of each enclosure and the pros and cons I have determined for them are based solely on practicality as I see it and not a non-analytical bias of one manufacturer over the other. Furthermore, this analysis is not meant to defame, demean or belittle any manufacturer over the other.
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i will only ever but animal plastics racks. the customer service is second to none in my book. if you want fast build your own. if you want quality you plan ahead, purchase and then wait for your item to be built for you, by hand, by a small American company. they will also add custom features as well if you need something modified. they replace parts fast and without hassle. Sold Animal Plastics Snake Racks - LPU DFW area Non R/C Items (FS/W)Animal Plastics economy racks : snakes - RedditAnimal Plastic - Plastic Racks - FaunaClassifieds
The Animal Plastic racks come unassembled but are easy to put together if you have a hand drill. You also have to buy the tubs separately. From what I understand, the reptile basic racks come completely assembled with heat and tubs. One other downside about Animal Plastics is that it takes a minimum of a month before you get your rack. The last one I ordered took 6 weeks (the one above), and it's only a 4 shelf tub! However they are very high quality and I'm completely satisfied with them. You won't have to worry about customer service from either companies.