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Dec 2, 2014 - They do make anti-anxiety medications for cats, yes
Although this is not an anti-anxiety medication for cats, it is a spray that mimics feline pheromones. These pheromones are produced from the cats cheeks when rubbed against any object. This product helps creating a friendly environment to the cat that helps reduce the general anxiety and territorial behavior in cats.
Medications for Cat Behavior Problems: Aggression, Anxiety, and More
This anti-anxiety drugs for cats is the first one that was approved by the FDA for use on dogs as well as humans. This anti-anxiety medication for cats is widely used for treating pet separation anxiety, urinating around the house, obsessive compulsive disorders, dominance aggression, etc. This anti-anxiety drug for cats, shows side effects that include retention or difficulty in passing urine, reduction in the intestinal mobility, etc. Anxiety Medications for Dogs & Cats- 1800PetMedsApr 24, 2013 - Tricyclic antidepressants or TCAsSelective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors or SSRIs.
This anti-anxiety drug for cats is used for a number of uses in treating seizure disorders in cats, muscle cramping diseases like 'Scotty cramp', irritable bowel syndrome, stimulating appetite in cats, territory marking urination in cats, extreme involuntary muscle contraction, etc. The side effects of this anti-anxiety medication for cats may show liver failure after several days of use. Thus, it is important to check the cat's liver enzymes before the use of this drug.If you think your cat is also undergoing bouts of anxiety, please speak to a vet about the possible causes and their solutions. When it comes to anxiety, cats are just like us humans and need to be treated on similar lines. It is important to take the best pet care and consult medical experts when in doubt. You need to provide the best care to your pet, who is totally dependent on you for his/her needs. I have started with the treatment for anxiety and urination outside the litter box for my Peppers, that includes anti-anxiety medication for cats under veterinary prescription.If your cat is suffering from separation anxiety, then the best solution is to ignore it completely for 15 minutes, before leaving and after coming home. You may leave some toy around to distract the cat's attention. Keep the cat's favorite toys around the house before leaving and keep them away as soon as you come home. You may even make a perch near the window, so that the cat is busy watching the birds and other stimulating things outside the window. Or else you may try giving the cat anti-anxiety medication for cats, under veterinary advice.