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Article about the common aquarium types as well as reasons for keeping a fish tank in your home.
Forget playing Mozart — this may be the best ever created from that piano. All you need is a couple of fish named Jerry and Kramer and this is complete.
What a great use for that you always had lying around the house.
Your imagination only runs out when your supply does.
Seriously, why have a boring wooden coffee table when you can have !?
We hope they make passports for fish, because these little swimmers are traversing the globe in this .
One guy is giving new life to old by transforming them into fish-friendly homes. Learn more about his creations .
Remember the good ol’ days when people got their morning papers from a newsstand for 25 cents? Now we read all our news digitally, so there’s really nothing better to do with an than make it into a super cool aquarium.
Do the fish taste like doughnuts or do the doughnuts taste like fish? Probably neither, but this crafted exclusively for everybody’s fave doughnut franchise certainly begs the question.
The 15 most beautiful aquarium fish in the world Infographic ~ Salt water tanks.
Creating a beautiful freshwater aquarium can be a rewarding experience. First be sure to consider the type of tank you want to create—cold water tank or a heated tank. Then read up on the on all the best freshwater aquarium fish suggested above. Freshwater, Brackish and Marine Water Fish Compatibility Charts - Aquarium - RecipeApartFish Tank Decor - | Aquarium Ornaments, Aquarium Fish Tank and Aquariumfish tank ideas - | Freshwater fish tank, Freshwater aquarium and Aquarium
Clownfish were one of the first species of marine aquarium fish to be bred in captivity, which likely has helped protect wild populations from overcollection.Watching flamboyantly colored fish flit about a saltwater aquarium can be relaxing. Figuring out where they came from, and whether they were caught in a sustainable manner, can be an exercise in frustration.Walk into any pet or aquarium store, and you’re going to find . That orange-and-white-striped Nemo is practically synonymous with saltwater aquariums, and it’s one of the first fish new hobbyists turn to. It was also one of the first marine aquarium fish to be bred in captivity, back in the 1970s. Today dozens of varieties are available from breeders around the world.FishLore provides aquarium fish tank information for tropical fish hobbyists, covering both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. We present aquarium fish tank information in an easy to understand way so that more can enjoy our wonderful hobby! Consider joining us on the forum where you will find people that like to talk about fish tanks as much as you!About 1,800 tropical fish species are involved in the international trade, says of the New England Aquarium in Boston and Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island. Hundreds more species of invertebrates, including live corals, are also part of this pipeline.Aquariums are in--in 10 million American households, according to a 1986 survey that also found that only 20% of them belong to serious hobbyists. Twice that many of the tanks are "ornamental or decorative," integral architectural statements stocked, planted and tended by fish professionals.
The goal of Fish Lore is to present accurate saltwater fish, tropical freshwater fish and aquarium fish information in a way that every fish keeper can understand. If you feel some of the aquarium fish information on Fish Lore should be updated or changed, please let us know! See you on the forum!Removing animals from the wild can have serious consequences-both for their survival as a species and for their habitat. But the effects vary from species to species. Green chromide fish, for instance, are quite plentiful in the wild, says Rhyne, and their "population is under no threat at all from [aquarium] collection." On the other hand, species like the —the fish that was based on—have been overcollected and are in danger in the wild.