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The features on the Armarkat Cat Condo put this cat tree in a league of its own. The scratching posts on the condo are covered with hard wearing sisal, unlike comparable cat condos that use twine or carpeting. Sisal is a material that cats love to scratch at and typically fares better than other materials. Additionally, the scratching posts are tall enough so that even an adult cat can enjoy a good stretch and scratch without being forced to hunch or squat down. There are two landing platforms for cats to sit and survey there domain from, located on the very top of the 75-inch high cat condo. The platforms are also adjustable which allows you to position them toward your cat’s favorite lookout. Included with the cat condo is a secluded cubicle, which is big enough for even two cats to use at the same time. The cubicle provides a quiet, secluded sanctuary to allow cats to feel secure and enjoy a nap( lets face cats like a nap!) In addition to these features, this cat condo also comes with several interactive toys, to keep kitty entertained.
Provide your cat with the perfect play place with the Armarkat Cat Tree Condo Scratcher. This six-level cat tower offers a playhou
The only slight downside to the Armarkat Cat Condo is the enormous size. Because it is so large, this cat condo leave quite a large footprint in your home. So make sure to dedicate a space specifically for the cat condo and to measure it our carefully prior to setting up. Also, there were some lower rated reviews on Amazon that complained about the carpeting on the landing platforms wearing out because the material is too thin, but this could be down to the size of and number of cats using it, there more kitty activity the more wear and tear, this is a fact of life if you have more than one cat . For the features, benefits, and overall  quality, the Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo, is one of the best cat condos on the market. Armarkat Premium Cat Condo Faux-Fur-Covered Pet Furniture - WalmartArmarkat Premium Cat Condo Pet Furniture - X8303 -Armarkat Armarkat Premium Cat Condo Faux-Fur-Covered Pet ..