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Happy Austin Cat & Pet Sitting, LLC, is fully insured and bonded and is proud to donate to ,  & .
As stated, I am there for my clients because I keep records, provide expertise and also am there. My job, for 24 hours a day, is as a “pet sitter”.
Austin Pet AuPair, LLC is a pet sitter, dog walker, pooper scooper, and pet taxi in Austin, Texas.
Austin Pet Sitters is an educational organization dedicated to providing an opportunity for pet sitters to maximize their standard of excellence through education, mentoring, networking and community service. While we maintain an extensive list of pet sitters, we recommend that our visitors view our before they solicit a pet sitter. Adoring Pet Sitters is a pet sitter, dog walker, pooper scooper, and pet taxi in Austin, Texas.City Critters Pet Sitter is a pet sitter, dog walker, and pet taxi in South Austin, Texas.Austin Pet Sitters – Caring for your pets in your home when you can’t

First Aid/CPR certified for pets
Member of Austin Petsitting Organization
Member of Petsitters Associates, LLC
Animal Trustees of Austin Volunteer for 10 years

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The Smiling Dog has quickly built our reputation as one of the best Professional Pet Sitting and Animal Care providers in Austin. We treat your pets like our own, embracing their unique personalities and catering to their specific needs. We promise to provide trustworthy, loving care for your pets anytime you are away. Our goal is to give your pets a fun, healthy, and stress free experience and keep them smiling!Judy is your local neighborhood pet sitter with the added bonus of being a Certified Professional Dog Trainer ( CPDT-KA) in good standing with the APDT. We live in the Villages of Western Oaks and only service southwest Austin which helps us to provide more reliable and consistent services. Experienced working with all breeds and temperaments of dogs, we do not breed discriminate: small dogs, big dogs, purebreds, mutts, all dogs, all day. We can work with your shy or fearful dogs so you can finally leave them and feel comfortable being away.Although there are some great Austin pet sitters out there, I have personally had a few unsatisfactory experiences and during the busy holiday season there are simply not enough good ones to go around. Kenneling is an option for some but not for me and especially not if you have a variety of pets, as I do. As a teenager and young adult my family owned and operated a dog kennel in North Yorkshire, England, which is where I am originally from. There are some wonderful kennels to be found and I can tell you that my experience with the pets in our care was extremely positive. There are some pets, however, who are simply not well suited for kenneling. No matter how well looked after they are, you are gone, their routine has been completely disrupted and they become depressed and pine for their family.CapCity Pet Sitting is the collaboration of animal lovers Will Chambers and Claire Dunn. Located in the heart of Austin Texas, where our pets are family, we're committed to giving your furry family the same love and care they receive from you when you can't be there. Pet Sitter Nicole Moskal provides the upmost in professional service to our clients in caring for their homes and beloved pets. CapCity Pet Sitting is a licensed, bonded, first aid certified, locally and independently owned business that is dedicated to not only caring for our client's pets but also supporting the local companion animal community as a whole.Is your doggie feelin’ down? Not getting out much? Hound for Hound can help! Our Austin dog walking service is just what your dog needs. Call us for dog walking and pet sitting in Austin.