Automatic fish feeders come in many sizes, with various features.

Current USA provides the next automatic fish feeder on the list.
This state-of-the-art digital Timer is included with your automatic fish/pet feeder and will feed your fish up to 8 times a day dispensing food in multiple one-second increments.
Arduino-Driven Automatic Fish Feeder  by HeliosLabs is licensed under the  license.
EHEIM's 3582000 TWIN automatic feeder features two chambers so fish owners can add two types of food, whether they choose granules, sticks, pellets, or flakes. Each drum is programmed individually, and fish owners can release snacks manually as well. The two drums each have a capacity of 2.7 oz, and their aerated design prevents food from getting stuck. This twin feeder has an LCD display for programming and fits aquariums with Varilux hoods. The random dosing pattern that it uses recreates natural feeding patterns. I will show you how to make an Automatic fish feeder so you won't have to feed you fish ever again.Automatic feeders can be used to automatically dispense dry fish foods into the aquarium.You can easily make a fish autofeeder yourself. Visit  for details.
• WORKS WITH A VARIETY OF FOOD OPTIONS --- Adaptable and useful, the SunGrow Automatic Fish Feeder works with an array of food types such as flake or …• Power Source: 2 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
• The fish feeder Measurements: approx. 11cm/4.3" (H) x10cm/3.9" (L)
• The auto feeder Drum: …• Dispenses fish-Pond food automatically
• Up to 4 user-programmable feeding daily. 1 to 99 day programmable feeding schedule
• Adjustable portion sizes. …• Daily-Twice automatic fish feeder
• Dispenses flake or pellet food twice a day for up to 4 weeks-unattended
• Large capacity food drum with adjustable …• This auto feeder can help you feeding your beloved fish in aquarium when you are working, shopping, or travelling outside
• Great for everyday use this …This is a demonstration video of the Eheim automatic feeder model #3582090. I am preparing the fish tank for my vacation and purchased the auto …• Daily Double II automatic fish feeder
• Large capacity food drum with adjustable setting
• Two kinds if time setting: 12 hours feed and 24 hours …Auto Fish Feeders Reviewed In This Wiki:
Fish Mate F14
Current USA AquaChef
EHEIM Everyday
Hydor M01201
IntelliFeed Aquarium
Eheim Twin Automatic …I review two feeders: the Aqua Culture Automatic Feeder and the Fish Mate Fish Feeder, based on personal experience. Both feeders are worth buying, …Rather than keeping a schedule of feedings or having to set an alarm, you can use the automatic fish feeder to keep your fish on a timely feeding schedule whether you are at work, out on the town, or just plain forgetful.