Baby Colorpoint Gerbils - Born 4/22/13 (8 days old)

pictures of gerbils | Fuzzy Baby Gerbils 13 by ShadedRain on deviantART
I don’t have the answer to that. More than three? Probably less than eight? I’m guessing five. Alls I know is that suddenly there were little pink bodies all over like there was a baby gerbil explosion and then Mouse and Jetpack were carrying them back into their little house and some of them were lying on their backs with their little feet waving in the air, just like turtles, and it seemed like they were EVERYWHERE, but I wasn’t smart enough to actually, you know, count them. Now they’re in their little house and I can’t see them.
I have 8 baby gerbils, born to Poppy (female burmese) and Riley (male DEH) on 10-11-05.
No gerbil was hurt or DISTRESSED in the making of this very cute video.
All my baby gerbs are held from birth in order to socialise them. I am a very experienced breeder. Mama & baby gerbil- looks like 1-2 day old :)Baby Gerbil. Oh so chunky little cheeks!Baby Gerbils - barely a week old.
True story, you guys: When we were kids, my sister and I had these gerbils, Moon Unit and Dweezil. We go to New Hampshire overnight for skiing purposes or something, leaving them way more than enough food. We come back, and Moon Unit (who we didn’t even know was pregnant) has given birth to a litter of gross red baby gerbils… and there is a cage full of tiny gerbil skulls and half eaten gerbil babies and all of the tears of all of the children in all of the world. I think I fainted.For baby gerbils, after they are a week old you can sex them. If the gerbil has nipples, it is female. The nipples look like little dents or circles in the skin. Sexing must be done before the coat of belly fur forms.A typical litter is around six baby gerbils which are called pups. The mother may be nervous so leave her alone while she is giving birth. It is not uncommon for gerbils to mate while she is giving birth or immediately afterward. Welcome to our baby website. We hope you enjoy watching our baby gerbils grow and develop through the days, weeks, and months on this website. This is a class project where we are observing the daily development of the babies and how they change. The web site is maintained by the class. The students write brief summaries, take the pictures and put them on the site. Write us with questions,comments or if you have information or stories to share about gerbils.Gerbil pups will wean themselves. They start nibbling on food when they open their eyes, but don't take this as meaning they are eating and can be removed. They will need a bit more time with their mother to acclimate themselves to solid food. If you forcibly wean the pups, they will develop more slowly than pups left with their parents until they wean themselves. Good weaning food is cheerios, oatmeal and rice krispies. Nice small soft food. Nothing cuter than a baby gerbil eating a big cheerio.The treat-in-hand is also a good way for baby gerbils to learn that they can safely eat in your hand, and will often take treats from your fingers only after a few days or weeks of picking up treats off your hand.About 3 weeks ago our couple of gerbils had some babies. This was their second litter, both times they only had 2 babies. The other two are a male and female and live in the cage with their parents. Thus there are two males and two females living together. For about 3 months after the first children were born they did not have any more babies, until three weeks ago. A few days ago we decided to clean their cage, we had not touched the babies until then. THey were very fat and healthy with hair already growing on their bodies, very cute little things. Today we checked theyre tank and they have completly dissapeared…I think the mother has eaten them, through why im not sure. We kept them well fed and watered, and everything was going great but now they are just gone, no blood, no bones, two sizable baby gerbils completly missing. My wife is very sad this has happened she really loved the new litter and we would both like to know what is it that could have happened? I have seperated the two couples (mom and dad, brother and sister into two different tanks now hoping they will breed, and today the sister started thumping her foot for the first time! Hopefully they will have more pups but i am afraid they will eat their babies again, i have no idea which gerbil was the culprit, there is just no trace of them!i hope that my baby gerbils have a wonderful first christmas even though i only have two now i hope wherever the rest are they are having a happy first christmas also to my 3 dogs, 6 cats, 2 gerbils and last but not least my pet spider have a happy holiday too!!!!!