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So remember to give your bamboo plant food whenever you are first growing it to ensure the ultimate growth out of your plant. Healthy growing habits, and root development will set your tree up for success even when the weather turns sour.
Growing bamboo is a joy to behold; feeding your plant the right nutrients will guarantee grand results!
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I want to help you understand what bamboo plant food to look for whenever it comes time to fertilizer your plant. I will give you some time frames when fertilizing works the best, and help you understand what fertilizer really is. Most of the time when people talk about bamboo plant food, they’re talking about liquid fertilizer used on lucky bamboo plants. Real bamboo simply requires fertilizer, lawn fertilizers work well since bamboo is in fact a grass, but you can learn more about bamboo fertilizer on the .
As for lucky bamboo, when planted in water it does need a liquid fertilizer. The most common fertilizer for lucky bamboo is . Contrary to popular belief though, lucky bamboo doesn’t need to be frequently fertilized when it is properly cared for.Supplementing bamboo plant food and providing sufficient water are important rules for growing healthy indoor bamboo. This article takes you through the types and amounts of plant food your bamboo will need, as well as some other necessary care tips for better growth.Have I written a previous guide?
Yes. It is titled “A Simple Guide on how to use Green Green Lucky Bamboo Plant Food/Fertilizer” back in 2006 when I first discovered the use of Green Green. It is of my opinion that lucky bamboo should be planted into soil. Not only do the plants prefer this, it allows them to absorb nutrients from the soil that wouldn’t be available without fertilizer in your water solution. I prefer to plant the lucky bamboo in a potting soil like , but whatever you chose make sure it “drains” well and take note that lucky bamboo prefers sandy soil types. You can then use bamboo plant food on occasion as part of your watering process. To learn more about caring for lucky bamboo you can check out our ! Lucky bamboo any regular fertilizer and can survive for years in nothing but clean water. If you do choose to fertilize your plant, use only fertilizers made for lucky bamboo. A plant food called is popular with many growers of lucky bamboo plants.