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 How do I know I can trust these reviews about Banfield Pet Hospital?
The vets and technicians are also great people. All the vets have been very caring and gentle with my very timid, shy puppy. One vet even sat down on the floor with her and coaxed her into his lap with treats before trying to do any of the exam. He could have just stuck her on the table and gone ahead, but he took the time to really care for the dog and it meant the world both to me and to her. The hours are convenient even though I work full time in the summer and attend law school during the year. For major procedures, they have drop off and pick up services with no extra charge so that I won't have to take time off from classes when the time comes to spay my puppy and get her microchipped. All in all I am shocked at the poor reviews here because I have had nothing but great interactions with Banfield. Maybe it's all about location and people, but I am so glad I chose them for my vet care.
banfield uncovers gaps in preventive care definitions
My dog is a very healthy, happy fella. I've been going to Banfield for 2 years. I only go there when I have to. The wellness plans are a joke. A Doctor actually told me that the wellness plans were not for sick dogs. Meaning the plans don't cover any injury or sickness. Just preventative care. All the staff do is try and push as much unneeded meds and tests as possible. They been trying to get us to chop my dog's junk off every visit for years. He was born with 1 testicle. Banfield told us his other testicle was up inside him and it must be removed or he would die of cancer. Another vet did an x-Ray and there is NOT ANOTHER testicle up there but Banfield insists on trying to charge us $700 to remove the missing nut. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Banfield Pet Hospital?banfield pet hospital 15 reviews veterinarians 11183 sbanfield uncovers gaps in preventive care definitions
I telephoned my previous veterinarian who retired several years ago and discussed the cats' dental health with him. He referred me to his family's veterinarian whom I consulted on 26 November 2011. I had downloaded the lab test results and treatment history of both cats from the Banfield website. After examining the cats and the lab results, he told me that he saw no reason or need for the extreme procedures recommended by Dr. **.The Defensor 3 is a licensed 3 year vaccine and has to be written that way on a form 51 or that this Rabies Certificate is considered not valid. Also as I said I needed 3 in blue or purple ink originals not black which if they had used the carbonless copy they won't have made the mistakes that they did which alters each Certificate. 3 form 51 enclosed along with the Banfield Rabies Certificate which is not accepted in Israel. According to the Rabies Law in Pennsylvania Chapter 16 Rabies Prevention and Control Subchapter C Section16.43 Revaccination, A dog or cat over 3 months of age shall be vaccinated to maintain immunity against rabies by the administration of a USDA licensed vaccine, including vaccines producing Immunity lasting 3 years, in accordance with instructions prescribed by the manufacturer.TOWSON, MARYLAND -- I have recently adopted a cat from the shelter and was given $30 coupon towards Banfield Pet Hospital & thought I give them a try. I always do my research for most everything being on the net all the time & love info on things (eg. pet insurances, how to care for my cat, recipes, how to, advises etc.). I did a review search on Banfield and it took me to here, pissed Consumer Reports, Yelp, some other review sites and see nothing but consumer complaints... so I got "the idea" of how Banfield really is. I still went, seeing is believing right?I had rescued a shih tzu puppy took her to a regular vet in the beginning when I first got her. She had fleas, worms and had never been to the vet so I wanted to get her checked out. Paid a lot of money for two visits at the first vet. So was told about Banfield. The first one I took Lucy to was in Central Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I signed her up. Now she had had shots from previous vet but they insisted on giving her more shots which at one time they give around 6 shots and they push Benadryl which is an extra cost. The regular vet told me if there were any reaction then I could give her Benadryl which she had no reaction the first time to shots. So I told the vet no. She still try selling me on Benadryl. I told her no she did not have reactions the first time which the first shots were only the normal 2 or three shots.