Active Ingredients: 2.5% Hydronium Solution

* No smell, making administration a breeze
"Banixx has quickly become my best helper in the clinic, out of my truck, in the barn, and at the house for virtually every scratch, cut, wound, abrasion, abscess, puncture, and post-surgical clean-up. Having a product like Banixx that is tissue friendly and anti-microbial means faster healing time. A reduction of redness, pain and swelling is often observed after a single Banixx application. These extra benefits help keep the horse from disturbing the bandaged wounds and traumatizing the injured site.
* Not irritating to tissue nor does it burn, it is very tissue-friendly
How do I keep my horse from getting scratches?
If possible, keep your horse in a clean, dry stall and away from overly wet, muddy pastures. Avoid early morning turnout when there is a heavy dew or frost, and when you bring your horse in, dry his legs and check for early signs of infection. For show horses, spray on Banixx liberally as a preventative after washing. Since Banixx provides an inhospitable environment to both bacteria and fungus, stay ahead of the game by spraying the lower legs and pasterns regularly with Banixx. Pat it into the skin so that it makes good contact. It’s not possible to over-medicate with Banixx™, so it can easily be used daily as a preventative. *Multi-purpose; how many products work equally on wound & hoof problems?*Contain no antibiotics or steroids* Can be used on Dogs, cats, rabbits, falcons, parrots, show-goats, sheep cows and all other pets
"I love this formula for my horse and my Jack Russell Terrier. I started using the product to treat scratches for my horse. My JRT developed a skin issue. I brought the Banixx home and started treating my dog. Within a few hours the skin was less red and more normal pink. The hair started growing back in just a few days and she stopped biting. She even stands still to be sprayed. This product has soothed and treated her skin beautifully!" by LegacysMom. Read more at…An owner brought her dog to a vet clinic with a Brown Recluse spider bite. She had applied a bandage the evening before.. The dog had chewed through the bandage and through the skin AND muscle. The affected area radiated a lot of heat and was inflamed. Spraying Banixx on the wound immediately reduced the heat and inflammation lessened. The bite was also treated with meds; 24 hrs. later it had shrunk in size by 50%, and the heat was gone. It was amazing! Read more at…We have a new product in our store! Come check out Banixx! The new answer to your house and livestock’s wound and hoof care, but Banixx doesn’t just stop there. Banixx is safe to use on all your house hold pet’s wounds. It is also safe to use around the eye! Not all products can say that.Banixx Anti Bacterial and Fungal Wound Care Spray is an all-purpose recovery aid to help your animal heal that much faster. This anti-bacterial and anti-fungal spray provides quick and effective relief from a variety of ailments including but not limited to hot spots, ringworm, rain rot, fungus, ear infections, wounds, skin infections, dog bites, and insect bites. Banixx is also suitable for ALL pets! Banixx's non-irritating formula contains absolutely no colors, odors, steroids, or antibiotics. Made in the USA. Not intended for human use.Dr. Patrick Mahaney shares the causes and signs of dog ear problems, and tips how you can promote your dog's best ear health. Read more here! #4Knines #PatrickMahaney #DogEarProblem #DogHealth #PetHealth #ilovedogs #Dogs #FurKidsBanixx Shampoo is also unique in that it was formulated to be paraben, sulfate, and soap free, and contains no alcohol or steroids. This deeply moisturizing and soothing shampoo is also non-toxic, contains no added color or fragrance, and can be used daily for spot treatments or as an all-over body cleanser. Banixx Shampoo is safe for all horses and will not bleach, stain, or affect coat color. For nearly a decade, horse and pet owners have come to trust the name Banixx®, and their new shampoo is the perfect addition to their ‘stable’ of top-quality products.