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I think these battery operated gravel vacs are really intended for gravel and not sand. The one I had had a little bag attached that would collect all the debris. I think the biggest advantage with some of these devices is that they actually remove debris and crap without actually removing the water. so if a water change isn't necessary but you want to remove crap, there are quite handy.
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I've now gone out and bought the US$60 Eheim battery-operated gravel vacuum. It does not work very well with the height of my tank, because most of the unit is above water. The suction doesn't seem that great, maybe because most of it is above water. Water also spills out, when I'm using the unit at the edge of the tank. Eheim Quick Vac Pro Battery Operated Gravel Vacuum | Shark and ReefEheim Quick Vac Pro Battery Operated Gravel Vacuum for Sale at Shark and ReefBattery operated gravel vacuum [Archive] - DIYfishkeepers
I have never used a battery operated gravel vac, but I think that you may have been swindled a little bit because there is a much cheaper alternative to them. What I use is a python gravel vac which I hook directly to my sink. When I turn on the faucet in my sink, the water movement gets the siphon started for you...hence, no more sucking on disgusting hoses and more importantly, no more fish water getting into your mouth. To add to that, the sink also keeps the siphon action going strong and in fact, I often take my vac out of the water, which breaks the siphon, but am still able to put it nback under water and the sink starts the siphon again with no effort on my part. I feel that this is not only the most economical option, but the most effective option for its price range.Thanks for the tips. I'm going to return the battery-operated gravel vac to Petco and figure out a different way to clean the bowl. Luckily the Biorb is only 4 gallons so I was able to clean it manually. I basically just took the fish out, emptied all the media and the fake plant ring, rinsed them out, and took the bowl and poured the water into two seperate buckets. I put one of the buckets full of water back in, while replacing the other half. It worked out marvelously and as long as the fish are happy, I'm happy too! They seemed to be doing really well, so fingers-crossed, I hope I didn't do anything wrong.I would think that if you are not seeing the water level in your tank receeding when you are using your battery operated gravel vac, it is most likely not working correctly. I would check to see if there are any trouble shooting tips that came with it, or possibly trying to contact the store at which you bought it, or the manufacturer themself.This is a discussion on Penn Plax Super Battery Vac within the General Discussion forums, part of the Vivaria, Enclosures & Product Reviews category; My Battery Operated Gravel Vacuum Review. :-) I purchased the Penn Plax Super Battery Vac to lightly hoover my sand ...