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Its so fluffy!!!! Its a teddy bear hamster. Isn't it sooooo cute @April Maheu
The Syrian hamster is one of the most adorable small pets that many American families love. These hamsters are also popularly known as Golden Hamsters or Teddy Bear Hamsters (the long-haired variety) and are likely the most popular hamster varieties kept as pets.
Charlie. Long-haired Teddy Bear Hamster. So cute he should be in a commercial
Love when I get requests. Here is Toby, my long haired baby teddy bear hamster eating a piece of green pepper. It's not the hot kind of pepper - they are the Sweet Green Bell Peppers. Also I added some broccoli. He loves them

So cute when they hold their food with their little paws.

If you listen closely you can hear him chewing. teddy bear hamster | Teddy Bear Hamsters are animals that originate from the rodent family ...Its so fluffy!!!! Its a teddy bear hamster. Isn't it sooooo cute @April MaheuCharlie. Long-haired Teddy Bear Hamster. So cute he should be in a commercial
Then why do "Black Bears" have a reputation for being bigger and more friendly than the typical US hamster? Essentially the answer is the same as I just discussed above. The original Black syrians brought to the US were European show animals. Thus they were bred for size and temperament among other qualities. Thus, they were larger and tamer than the traditional pet store hamster (although I doubt that they lived any longer despite the claims of many pet stores). Most of the Black syrians sold in pet stores now are bred by large commercial breeders. The Black syrians are now the same as any other color hamsters bred by these breeders. The early advantages were gone years ago.
The black bear hamster is a small, docile with short, dense, black fur. This little rodent has become very popular as a pet. This unusual hamster is a black mutation of the Syrian hamster (). This mutation was first discovered in France in 1985 -1986.So what do you do if you want a very good pet hamster? You evaluate each and every hamster on its own merits regardless of price, color, or the claims people make. Evaluate them for yourselves. Good and bad hamsters can be found in almost every city. You may just need to put forth some effort to find a good one in your area. If the friendliest and most healthy hamster in your area is a "Black Bear" and costs twice the price, he may be worth it. I would certainly pay a bit more for a better hamster (and they're rarely more than $25).This is Alaska, a Syrian Black Bear hamster, the niece of our fabulous Louie. She is sweet and cuddly and calm, just like her uncle. She is waiting for you at Apple Wood Rescue in Denver, CO.Anatomy: The black bear hamster is about 6 inches (15 cm) long and weighs from 4 to 6 ounces (113-170 grams). The coat is black with some white markings on the feet and a white mark on the chest. Like all rodents, the hamster's front top teeth continue to grow throughout its life. It must gnaw on hard things to keep wearing the teeth down.Teddybear hamster is actually a variation of Syrian hamster which belongs to the golden hamster group species. They are also being called as fancy hamsters and longhair hamster due to their special long soft hair which remarkably resemblance to toy teddy bears. So if you do not want a really hairy hamster, a teddybear might not be the best hamster for you. Sometimes they are also known as "angora hamsters" which refers an ancient breed of goats with exceptional long hair originally from the province of Angora, Turkey.

Teddy bear hamsters have an average life span of 2 to 3 years if they receive proper care from their owner. Their average body size is roughly up to 4 to 5 inches long for adult. As a Syrian hamster, they prefer to live in solitary, so you will need to house adult teddybear hamsters separately.

Some resources indicate that the teddy bear hamster seems to have more at risk on developing wet tail sickness compared to other species such as dwarf hamsters. So you will need to give extra care and attention to them especially for any factors that could affect their emotions.

Although most hamsters can groom themselves, you can also help them combing their hair by using special hamster combs that could be bought at pet stores. Even toothbrushes will work well. These tasks will also lead up to a healthy way in maintaining good relationship between you and your hamster.