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Jones Natural Chews Beef Center Dog Bones are meaty, flavorful, naturally baked and fully smoked
Jones Natural Chews Beef Center Dog Bones are meaty, flavorful, naturally baked and fully smoked. These natural bones can provide additional hygiene and immune system benefits. Made in the USA.
Smoked Beef Dog Bones

Welcome to the Beef Dog Treats superstore! Here at Pet Mountain, we're proud to offer the largest selection of wholesome, top quality treats, chews and snacks for dogs on the web. We're even more proud to highlight our gigantic collection of dog treats made with the irresistible beef flavor that dogs just can't get enough of. Whether you're looking for real, juicy, meaty beef treats, dental chews with readily accepted beef flavor, or whole, natural beef bones to satisfy your dog's cravings, you'll find it all right here.

Dogs are natural carnivores, and there's no better way to keep a carnivore happy than with scrumptious, meaty beef. Our selection of real beef dog treats features delicious snacks and rewards made from some of the finest meat on Earth. Beef jerky treats are ideal for long walks and hikes, or as a tasty reward after a long day of serious playtime at the park. Our discounted freeze dried beef treats keep all the natural tenderness of beef, without sacrificing any flavor! For a great tasting reward that exercises your dog's jaws while also providing a healthy boost of protein, you can't go wrong with real beef treats.

If your dog is a chewer (and let's face it, what dog isn't?) allow us to introduce you to our huge collection of all natural beef dog bones. Hearty beef ribs, knuckles and more are perfect for letting your dog exercise his natural chewing instincts - without damaging your home or furniture - while providing a delicious meaty flavor at the same time. Many of our natural beef bones come with savory beef jerky meat still on them, making a great bonus reward for your dog's good chewing behavior. Feel free to browse our entire collection of real meat treats to find the perfect snacks for your canine companion.

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