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We find it best to feed Bettas a flake or pellet food for every feeding, except two
The digestive system of the betta fish is specifically designed to handle a high protein diet. A diet that would be at least 50% protein is best. Most betta food (pellets) will have a protein rating of at least 50%.
The best types of food for Bettas are live brine shrimp or worms, mosquito larvae, frozen or freeze dried live food, and/or Betta pellets.
What is the best food for betta fish? It seems like obvious advice but a betta fish specific pellet is usually the best. To make sure the fish food you have meets the carnivorous betta fish’s needs check the ingredients. The first few ingredients should be meat based and overall protein percentage should be 40% or more. Pellets specifically formulated for bettas can be fed but may not be best as the fish’s sole diet, as they can have some drawbacks.Pellets specifically formulated for bettas can be fed but may not be best as the ..It seems like obvious advice but a betta fish specific pellet is usually the best
1. Set up an aquarium—Make sure the tank is not too small, bigger that two gallons, and solitary from other fish. Bettas will fight other fish of its kind and fish with flowing fins that can be mistaken for a betta. They are aggressive because they are territorial. However, some betta fish can be put in community tanks with types of tetras, guppies, and bottom feeding fish. Make sure you check with fish experts and research before you get possible aquarium mates.
2. Provide hiding places—Betta fish love to hide and have something to provide variety in their tanks. Hiding places also help bettas to feel safe.
3. Get betta fish food—There are many betta fish foods available in stores and online. Betta fish food flakes or pellets like betta fish food frenzy flakes is the best food for betta fish because it has been formulated to keep bettas healthy with bright colors. For more on feeding betta fish, see the commonly asked questions below.
4. Keep the water clean—Change the water in your tank often. It should have a filtration system and be monitored carefully to keep your fish happy. If you don’t use a filter, the water needs to be changed multiple times a week. Water in a betta tank should have a slightly acidic pH between 6.5 and 7. You should test the water weekly with pH strips available at pet stores.
5. Keep water warm—Betta fish prefer a warm environment between 76 and 82 degrees. This can be accomplished with a tank heater or you can place the tank near a radiator or other heat source. Make sure the tank isn’t too close to the heat source or else you may risk the water getting too warm.
6. Play with your betta fish—Yes, they betta fish can actually play. They have memories up to 3 months long, so you can teach them to follow your finger or play little games.So is it okay to feed your betta just brine shrimp or should it be pellets with the occasional brine shrimp or just pellets? I have yet to get my betta but I would like to have the best info before i go shopping XP!With all the pellets and flakes meant for bettas that all claim they are the best, it can be difficult to figure out which one to actually buy. Luckily, the ingredient list can tell you a lot! As mentioned before, bettas are carnivores that need a very high protein diet. However, protein based ingredients like fish are quite expensive; more expensive than cheaper plant based ingredients like wheat or soy. Many manufacturers of betta food therefore choose to use more plant based ingredients and other cheap options like fish meal instead of whole fish. The downside of this is that the food is less good for your betta.About 3-4 days before vacation time feed your betta 2-3 pellets, or high protein foods such as brineshrimp or bloodworms, three times a day (morning, noon, evening). Don’t worry about this over feeding your betta because you’re not feeding him this all at once. This gives your betta some extra “fat” preserve for the next couple of days. If he starts to bloat with these kinds of feedings then just go to normal routine. If you don’t want to fast him while you are gone, invest in a vacation feeder. They can get pricey but are the best option for your betta.