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When you are responsible for the care of Betta fish, there is a lot ofBetta fish info that you should be aware of. First, your Betta fish is aliving creature. In order to be able to keep your new friend alive andhealthy, he needs to have frequent feedings and water changes. Feeding yourBetta Splendens should be done twice a day, feeding only as much as he canconsume within the matter of a minute. Two pellets or a small pinch offlakes is usually enough to suffice for the average Betta. These two aspectsmake up the two most important parts of Betta fish care, and can make adrastic difference in the health and lifespan of your fish.
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Information about different types of Betta fish, their care and breeding.

Learn how to make your betta into the happiest, healthiest fish in the world.

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