Homemade TARDIS bird cage cover.

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Bird cage covers can also be useful in maintaining a stable environment within cages. It is quite difficult for bird cage covers to increase the overall temperature within a cage directly, since birds are not large enough to create the body heat necessary to make much of a temperature difference with the large amount of space between themselves and the bird cage covers. Although they can’t directly increase temperatures within the cage, bird cage covers are still useful in eliminating drafts, thus helping in maintaining some environmental consistency. Of course the quality and thickness of a bird cage cover can also play a major role in the amount of draft protection and temperature regulation that occurs within the cage. Popular belief serves right when it comes to bird cage covers prolonging the life of a bird cage. Thus ensuring owners that bird cage covers often provide more benefits than previous owners let on, making them worth the price.
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Molly Matt Company brings us this crazy bird cage cover. Use this cover to protect your birds from excess air and winds. This cage cover comes in stylish patterns that match with the other products from Molly Matt. It can be easily washed using any clean water and the normal washing process. No need to waste your cash going for machine wash. Just purchase one and enjoy our products. Gold Stripe Birdcage Cover by EJCDezines on Etsy, $30.00pattern bird cage covers | Bird Cage Cover Free Sewing Pattern- Using this for our new Ferret cage1960s Bird Cage Covers - Vintage Pattern Advance 720 - UNCUT FF by ErikawithaK on Etsy
Should you or shouldn't you cover your bird's cage at night? When it comes to bird cage covers you will find a wide range of advice from all kinds of people, including avian experts. But in the end it is the input you get from your bird or birds that will be of most value. Before purchasing a bird cage cover it is probably a good idea to experiment. Use a blanket or sheet as a birdcage cover and see how your parrot or other breed reacts. If they quiet down and go to sleep shortly after you cover the cage then you know a bird cage cover will work well to ensure a good night's sleep. So bird owners must create an environment that is dark (or close to it), very quiet and without cold drafts. But how that is achieved is not universal. Some birds will love their bird cage cover and it will help them get the sleep they need; other birds will not tolerate a bird cage cover and might chew it to shreds; others may prefer a partial covering; and some birds won't care either way. DO NOT leave your bird covered so that you can avoid interacting with him. Your bird’s cage cover should ONLY be used during sleeping hours. A cage cover is not a light switch that turns your relationship with your bird off and on at your convenience.CozzzyCovers cage covers provide a darkened and secure environment for promoting sleep and good health for any bird. Made of durable, light weight, non-toxic poly-cotton fabric*, our bird cage covers are machine washable (recommended warm/cold wash and rinse - delicate dry).A natural sleep cycle is vital to the health of birds. Just as humans need proper sleep to stay in good physical and mental health, birds rely on their sleep cycle to avoid stress and keep their immune systems working properly. When exposed to too much light throughout the day, this cycle gets interrupted, and may cause your bird to start picking its feathers, biting, and showing other signs of anxiety and restlessness. Plus, with increased anxiety, your pet's ability to fight off any infections or diseases is impaired. Bird cage covers exist to ensure your bird is getting the right amount of darkness to promote ample sleep - a necessity for a happy and healthy bird.