2 -- The bird Catcher's Song (W. A. Mozart)

There to document the work of bird-catchers, Hussain was surprised by the shooting.
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Bordeaux, Jean-Luc. "The Epitome of the Pastoral Genre in Boucher's Oeuvre: The Fountain of Love and The Bird Catcher from The Noble Pastoral." 3 (1976), pp. 75-101, figs. 5-8, 33. Deliverance From the Traps of the Birdcatcher“[Jehovah] himself will deliver you from the trap of the birdcatcher.”—.1. Who is “the birdcatcher,” and why is he dangerous?
A hawk who was hunting a rabbit alighted in a nightingale's nest and found her baby chicks there. When the nightingale returned, she begged the hawk to spare the chicks. The hawk said, 'I will grant your request, if you sing me a pretty song.' Even though she mustered all her courage, the nightingale trembled with fear. Stricken with terror, she started to sing but her song was full of grief. The hawk who had seized her chicks exclaimed, 'That is not a very nice song!' He then snatched up one of the chicks and swallowed it. Meanwhile, a bird catcher approached from behind and stealthily raised his snare: the hawk was caught in the sticky birdlime and fell to the ground.
A large and threatening-looking bird, who turns out to be the Hoopoe's servant, demands to know what they are up to and accuses them of being bird-catchers. He is persuaded to fetch his master and the Hoopoe himself appears (a not very convincing bird who attributes his paucity of feathers to a severe case of molting). The Hoopoe tells of his life with the birds, and their easy existence of eating and loving. Pisthetaerus suddenly has the brilliant idea that the birds should stop flying about like simpletons and instead build themselves a great city in the sky. This would not only allow them to lord it over men, it would also enable them to blockade the Olympian gods, starving them into submission in the same way as the Athenians had recently starved the island of Melos into surrender.Seed catcher made for just 7 dollars! frame for oil painting $2.50, plastic mesh/screen a roll was $2.00, hooks $1.00 and string 1.50 for the roll! no mess under your bird feeders! keep the critters away!Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

The Bird Catcher's Song (Der Vogelsanger) from the Magic Flute · Flute Force Inc.

The Mozart Variations

℗ 1999 BMG Music

Released on: 1999-04-05

Associated Performer: Flute Force Inc.
Composer: Mozart
Arranger, Flute, Percussion: Rie Schmidt
Flute, Piccolo: Sheryl Henze
Flute: Gretchen Pusch
Flute, Percussion: Wendy Stern
Engineer: Paul Verna
Assistant Engineer: Adam Blackburn
Mixing Engineer: Justin Mayer
Mixing Engineer: William Coulter

Auto-generated by YouTube.The Chorus of birds steps forward to promulgate various laws forbidding crimes against their kind (such as catching, caging, stuffing or eating them) and advise the festival judges to award the play first place or risk getting crapped on.ABRSM Piano 2015-2016, Grade 2, A6 Mozart - The Bird catcher's Song (from The Magic Flute)

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