Is keeping birds in cages cruel

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You might still be able to see old men carrying their birds in cages in the mornings and evenings but they're most likely to be in old neighbourhoods like Redhill, Ang Mo Kio etc.
A new place with birds. Sad to see the birds in the cages. My friends kids enjoyed it. They also have a huge scene with a bird show.
Every interesting comments, I would never have suggested letting a caged bird free but I did disaprove of birds in cages. Not so much now as I worry about all the species we are destroying in our need for more space for ourselves. Sometimes when I mention I have pet birds people will remark that keeping birds in cages is cruelI consider keeping birds in cages to be cruel on several levels.What's wrong with keeping birds in cages? - YouTube
"Birds in Cages" is a song by Eggstone. It is track #3 from the album Vive la Différence! that was released in 1997. The duration of this song is 04:56.How do you feel about the size of cages? Do you think that it is cruel to never let them out of the cage to fly freely every now and then? Do you think keeping birds in cages is cruel altogether?I just love this vintage looking bird cage and the bracket holding it is amazing. I would love to have this but I don't actually like birds in cages. I must say it looks divine empty.....or perhaps with some colorful flowers insideIdeally, bird owners would allow their birds to 'roam free' for at least an hour every day - although that is obviously problematic. I'm not crusading against bird-keeping as a hobby, although I personally feel keeping birds in cages is denying them an inborn right.Looking specifically at birds in cages (still an accepted practice in most cultures), it is a lucrative business for the pet industry. But for the birds, it too often means a shorter life, which may be a blessing; skeletal, metabolic and endocrine diseases from lack of physical activity; and abnormal behavior such as feather-pulling and self-mutilation.Looking through the different bird cage products and projects from Michaels I had to wonder…when did the idea putting birds in cages begin? When did we start using them as decoration?Golden-fronted Leafbird male birds in cages wonderful singing - Birdsong 2016

- The golden-fronted leafbird (Chloropsis aurifrons) is a species of leafbird. It is a common resident breeder in India, Sri Lanka, and parts of Southeast Asia. It often includes the Sumatran leafbird (C. media) from Sumatra as a subspecies, but the two differ extensively in, among others, morphology.

Its habitat is forest and scrub. It builds its nest in a tree, laying 2-3 eggs. This species eats insects and berries.

The adult is green-bodied with a black face and throat bordered with yellow. It has an orange forehead and blue moustachial line, but lacks the blue flight feathers and tail sides of blue-winged leafbird. Young birds have a plain green head.

The southern Indian race, C. a. frontalis, has a narrower yellow border to black face. The throat is black and it has a blue sub-moustachial stripe and duller orange forehead. Towards the extreme south of India and Sri Lanka the race insularis occurs which is slightly smaller than frontalis.

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* Please, liked, share, comment below this video.Birds in cages crave freedom and companionship and often exhibit aggressive, neurotic, and self-destructive behavior as they languish in cramped cages. Because of their seemingly bad behavior caused by their torturous conditions, people will often condemn them to living in dark corners, in basements, or on balconies, all the while locked inside of cages.