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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dog Food receives the Advisor’s second-highest tier rating of 4.5 stars.
All consumers have received thus far in this debacle in the way of an apology (if you can even call it that) is the that Blue Buffalo products “may” contain undeclared by-products. If Blue Buffalo sold products to consumers with by-products, has products in the marketplace that are mislabeled, I would expect Blue Buffalo to withdraw those products from the market.
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We do not have samples available. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee that comes with any purchase of a Blue Buffalo product. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you can return the unused portion with your receipt to get a full refund. Maybe try NutriSource. Blue Buffalo seems to not agree with a huge number of dogs and puppies.No other Blue Buffalo products are impacted by this issue.Blue Buffalo immediately began an investigation.
A Twitter user is going after Blue Buffalo after she says that the company's contaminated dog food allegedly made her two pets ill — one fatally so. Blue Buffalo responded to the original tweet , and said that its customer service team would like to learn more about the incident. The company did not respond to Business Insider's request for comment. "PSA: This @bluebuffalo bag of dog food has mold at the bottom which could've KILLED my dogs!" in late March. "Spread the word to any blue buffalo users!!!"We have fed our 6 year old Husky Blue Buffalo for over a year without problems. We mainly buy the Denali Dinner, however when we bought our three month old husky the BB puppy food she had continuously loose stools. We keep having to feed her rice to get her back on track. The puppy line of Blue Buffalo is rough on the digestive system. We're considering switching brands so that our puppy doesn't have to deal with the bouts of diarrhea anymore. However, it's unlikely that Blue Buffalo will be found legally liable for the mold. Pet owners are instructed to store dog food in a air-tight container, not the bag, to avoid mold. Further, it's possible that the grocery or pet store improperly stored the bag, meaning that the retailer, not Blue Buffalo, would be at fault. My beloved dog is slowly dying due to this food and we do not know what to do. We started feeding him Blue Buffalo and he started acting weird, very lethargic, panting, excessive water drinking and many more symptoms. So we took him to get a blood test and found out that his CATALYST DX LEVELS ARE AT 3,492 which is super high and the doctor suggested that our dog may not make it through the weekend. Now he is at the vet and they are flushing his kidneys in hopes of saving our dog. Please do not feed your dogs this crap. It will kill them. It has a very high toxicity levels. I was appalled when I found this site! I was looking to lodge a complaint against Blue Buffalo when I found it. I am so glad I did. I have noticed my dog lethargic after switching to this brand can food (limited ingredient) and have even worse news about their dental bones. I had not put 2 and 2 together and now will take my dog off of everything "Blue"!! My complaint was because I just got off the phone with "customer service" and was told to go to the store to get credit when I learned that their treats "health bars" which state on the top of the FRONT of the bag "NO CHICKEN/POULTRY BY PRODUCT MEALS, NO CORN, WHEAT OR SOY, NO ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS'' and found out too late, that listed in the ingredients in small print on the BACK of the bag is CHICKEN MEAL. My 13yo, 15 lb Schnoodle was recently euthanized from osteosarcoma. I switched him over to Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Adult in September of last year. I thought the life bits and non gluten would be good for him. He was using their other gluten free product. He had always been very active, so I thought he was just getting arthritis. Then he started limping. Then the bone cancer diagnosis that only affects 10,000 dogs/year and 95% large dogs. (My dog was in the 500 dogs/yr category.) I looked online to see if this dog food is known to cause osteosarcoma, and I see that they just donated $6 million to study it. I also saw other food health issues. Knowing no data was collected for this disease with my dog, I wanted it here, in case someone else has a dog on the gluten free foods and develops osteosarcoma.