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Need a new Buffalo mascot costume or Bison mascot costume? You have come to the right place! Cheer Etc has a lowest price guarantee on all of their mascot costumes and has a fast two week turn around time. Need your buffalo mascot suit to reflect your school colors? Not a problem either. We can make these character costumes in just about any standard color and at usually for no extra charge. Show your school spirit with a new buffalo mascot from Cheer Etc!
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Halloween is that time of year to let your imagination take over. There are many clever costumes out there, but some can’t compare. Buffalo-themed costumes are the ones to beat (and yes, we’re biased). Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about Buffalo Breath Costumes.These Buffalo-themed Halloween costumes are sure to make a splash at any party and set you apart in a crowd of purchased costumes.Baby Colorado Buffalo Costume
You can step into your own brand of unique apparel with this Adult Buffalo Dancer costume. The comfortable polyester pullover shirt has a top button and fringed edges along the sleeve to give you the especially natural look that you’ve been seeking, while the front detailing makes for a perfect blend of formal and historic looks. The vest has the same fringed design and its dark faux leather look contrasts perfectly with the rest of the bright chest and dark shirt and pants. The faux fur headpiece with buffalo horn and feather designs—though, we’re told the feathers are buffalo feathers—and matching boot covers complete your look and will transport you not into a new world but back to an old one!I like Buffalo Breath Costumes, but their prices are definitely too high! I rented a cheaply-made polyester cape a couple of years ago, and it cost $40 for one day! Most of their costumes are the same type of cheap, uncomfortable, polyester material you find in Halloween costumes. The staff is friendly and helpful enough, but I'd rather create my own costumes than rent theirs.

The only thing I really like about Buffalo Breath is the ability to find good stuff at their annual costume sale that's held in March. Ironically, I bought the same cape that I rented from them two years ago, and I paid the same amount to buy it that I paid to rent it! I also got a fabulous brown Tuxedo jacket with tails for $40 at this sale. However, this year the selection at the sale was not very good, so I didn't buy anything at all.So, now it is time to prove that you can live in a civilized and future setting. Some might call you a bull, some the mighty Minotaur, and some might simply think that you’re showing up to mascot your favorite team, but you can represent vigor and strength either way with this Adult Buffalo costume. The one piece acrylic and polyester faux fur jumpsuit fastens with Velcro and has long fur trim along your shoulders and legs. Included latex boot covers give you the hooves that will help you get were you need to go and the mask covers your entire head to give you deep set eyes and powerful horns. Conquer the modern world and feed on the flesh of … delicious table offerings! Show that Zeus that a forever curse is nothing when you can adapt with the times.