'Starter Pets' End in Misery: NEVER Buy Betta Fish | PETA

!!!#Dont buy fish from Petsmart!!!
Kids Adventures with Sweetie Fella Aleks is buying fish from PetSmart! Aleks and his family had a fun trip going to the pet store to buy fish for his big fish tank. Great Kids Video for children and toddlers who wants to buy their first pet and love animals!
does not consider that people actually buy feeder fish as pets, either
It is best to know who you are dealing with. As mentioned earlier, buying a fish pet can be a lifelong commitment and you’d want to deal only with a legitimate shop because they will also become your lifelong partner in maintaining your tank and raising your fish well. Investigate the reputation of the store and examine its experience in handling aquatic species. Dont buy fish from Petsmart!!!Pet Fish for Sale: Tropical and Freshwater Fish | PetSmartMaximum discount $10 off $60 purchase and $20 off $100 purchase