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Care Bears™ Share Your Care Day is celebrated annually on September 9.
The main requirement of a self care day is to ditch the scheduled appointments. Frankly, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t mind a few less calendar appointments in their life.
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Morrison said Care Day is a favorite for Comfort Dental doctors because everyone is appreciative and dentists are able to focus solely on patients without money concerns coming into play. National Foster Care Day – First Tuesday in MayThe count of the number of intensive care days used by the beneficiary for the stay.The next World Hospice and Palliative Care Day and Voices for Hospice is on October 14th 2017.
When you walk through our doors, you will encounter a world-class facility with a polished staff of professionals, ready to cater to your every need. At California Skin Care & Day Spa, we offer something for everyone. Whether it is a lunch break escape, an afternoon of bliss or an entire day of pampering, we will help you forget the pressures of the outside world and return you to a state of inner serenity.Since 1997, United Way has been bringing neighbors together to improve lives on “Community Care Day.” This volunteer event symbolizes the true spirit of Union County as participants help elderly residents do spring cleaning projects around the house, landscape area parks, conduct food drives, and more.Rather than leaving the TV on all day or having your dog’s bark wake the neighbor’s baby, bring him to Best Friends Pet Care Day Camp. Who said it was just for kids?Whether you are celebrating one day, one week, one month or all year long, we are helping NICUs and Post Partum Units celebrate the 5th Annual International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day!The mission of the United Way of Union County is to bring neighbors and resources together to improve lives in Union County. Community Care Day, our signature volunteer event, demonstrates that mission in a very real way, providing participants with a one-day glimpse of the spirit that symbolizes the work United Way hopes to accomplish throughout the year. It encourages deeper community involvement, fosters a sense of camaraderie between participants, and offers a window into the needs of the community.Do something nice for someone today. Take a friend or family member to lunch. Call someone and let them know you care. #ShareYourCare could be small, simple things like sharing a toy with your sibling taking out the trash for your Mom or helping an older neighbor across the street. It can also be bigger things like planting a tree, buying coffee or lunch for a homeless person or spending a day volunteering for a charity. The Care Bears hope to encourage you to be kind, think of others and #ShareYourCare every dayCare Bears #ShareYourCare Day was submitted by American Greetings Entertainment in April 2015. The Registrar of National Day Calendar originally declared September 9th as Care Bears Share Your Care Day in May 2015.Care Bears Share Your Care Day was submitted by American Greetings Properties in April, 2015. The Registrar of National Day Calendar declared September 9 as Care Bears Share Your Care Day in May, 2015.