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Apr 2, 2013 - The pEi Pod (i.e., Pet Egg Pod) is an egg-shaped cat bed
eggs are small, only about 1/50 inchlong. They are smooth and translucent. When found in high numbersalong with flea fecal matter, the eggs are "salt" in the "saltand pepper" look of these tiny particles. People often report seeingparticles (sometimes called "flea dirt") that slightly resemble salt and pepper in pet bedding or in locationsfrequented by their pets. Many people confuse the two, believing thesmall, dark objects to be flea eggs. As will be discussed in , the female adult flea consumes far more blood from herhost than her body needs. The excess she excretes in tiny droplets thatquickly harden. These hardened, dried drops of blood serve as food forimmature, . When larvae hatchfrom flea eggs, they will need a food source. This is why flea eggs andadult flea droppings are often found in close proximity. As animalsscratch, shake or jump off of furniture these fecal droppings and flea eggs falloff of the host.
Whereas some parasites ofwarm blooded animals have a method of adhering their eggs to the hair of theirhost, flea eggs lack any sort of sticky substance which would allow this. The eggs fall off of their host as the host moves, scratches itself, groomsitself and with other types of motion. House pets that jump up on and downfrom furniture in our homes help distribute the eggs as the pets move around intheir favorite areas of the home. The eggs are tiny enough to roll off oftheir host and fall into seams, between cushions of furniture and other areaswhere normal vacuuming does not always reach. This is important toremember when controlling fleas or preventing flea infestations in your home.
development of immature fleas (in their various stages) is directly relatedto temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, movement andvibrations. Flea eggs are no exception to the rule. As thetemperature and humidity of its surrounding environment are lowered, so too arethe number of relative number of flea eggs that will survive and hatch. With temperatures dipping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the percentage of fleashatching also falls. The eggs can rarely survive in freezing temperatures.
eggs can hatch as quickly as 2 days and as late as 2 weeks when humidity isover 70% and temperatures are between 80 degrees and 90 degrees. When theeggs hatch, the emerges. Eggs that are exposed to an environment that is kept at aconstant 50 degrees or less will usually die in less than 2 weeks. have a far better capability of surviving in bitter conditions.
A tremendous number of flea eggs are laid in an infested home or lawn, as willbe discussed in the section "." Many people worry about the exact "cycle" of fleas when trying toexterminate fleas in their home. Locations of immature insects and theircapabilities are more important information than the life cycle of one singlepest!

I think that might be the most adorable cat bed I’ve ever seen! Mammals hatching from eggs-delightful!
Hi Natasha,
I took my cat for her annual vet visit and they found fleas on her 2-3 in one comb. The vet gave her Comfortis which killed all the fleas within 30 minutes. I believe it also has IGR. We vacuumed all area rugs, we have tile throughout the house. We also washed all bed linens. I am I bit paranoid that we may have fleas in the house even though we have got seen one flea in the house. This evening I saw white tiny grains on my brown comforter and I am afraid they may be eggs. I plan on continuing the washing and vacuuming. I can’t use hot water because my comforter is cold wash only. I also have an outdoor cat and I feel itchy when I’m outside but I have not seen a single flea. We gave our outside cat Revolution. Please let me know what else I should do.
Thanks. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Petie, the traditional Easter-Cat-Bunny, is chilling in his overs-sized Easter egg bed (20.  ($54): This egg-shaped bed nestles anywhere in your home and gives your cat a quiet, enclosed place to hide out.21 Results - Great but Cheap Cat Egg Bed, Cheap Home & Garden, as well as Cheap and more
Treating the cat will get rid of the fleas and treating the bedding will get rid of the eggs larvae and some pupae. (Pupae are tough little guys and are difficult to kill.)If there is flea dirt in the cat's bed then it's likely there are eggs mixed in. The flea dirt will be dark, the eggs will have a whitish appearance.Knowing what a cat flea egg looks like does not mean you are likely to see them. Because they quickly dry after being laid on the cat, they become slippery and harder and fall out of the cat's fur. The best place to look for flea eggs is in the cat's bed and in places the cat likes to sleep. If your cat has a large infestation then looking with a magnifier at the base of the tail, or on the belly might be useful.Hi Adam! This site is amazing! Like some people here, we moved into a house where the seller had cats. We don’t have any pets of our own and was mortified to discover flea bites on me after moving in. We flea bombed the house and called the exterminator a few days later after the seller promised to reimburse us. It’s been 6 days since treatment and although we thought we were out of the woods when we didn’t see any this weekend, we noticed a couple Monday (yesterday) and today. The exterminator is coming back this weekend. I know you said it could take up to eight weeks to totally eradicate the fleas, but do you think we need to schedule another exterminator session? Or should we just wait and see if we see any in another week or so? I was so glad to read your article that fleas can’t breed on human blood so my fears that each flea is reproducing dozens of eggs was at least alleviated.