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If your cat is suffering from allergies, there is a very big chance that it’s due to what you are feeding her. Food allergies are one of a cat’s most prevalent issues and it can result in dermatitis, constant itching, and unsightly hair loss. It’s very difficult to watch as our poor friends suffer from these maladies, but the good news is that we can do something about it. Even the most loving pet owners often aren’t aware of cat food alternatives that can halt food allergy symptoms.
(temporarily) instead of commercially prepared wet cat food?
There are lots of formulas without controversial artificial ingredients, preservatives, and dyes like the ingredients listed below. But many formulas still include these ingredients that have unhealthy or potentially dangerous side effects. For example, Vitamin K3, the synthetic version of the naturally occurring vitamin K1 is and was found in more than 400 formulas. Exposing your cat to these ingredients — even in small doses — is not worth the risk, especially when there are so many healthy cat food alternatives without them. Cheap alternative cat food that is healthy? | DontPayFullGood alternatives to Feline C/DFeb 11, 2008 - My older cat was put on the prescription food because of crystals in his ..