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Your plan starts with choosing the best location for the tree. You may decide the best option is a room in which the cat will not have access or a room that can be closed off when needed. If not, place the tree near something to which you can anchor it. For example, if there’s a large picture on the wall, remove it and put the tree in that spot. Secure the tree to the wall with fishing line and an eyebolt. This will make it more difficult for the cat to knock the tree down. When Christmas is over you can put the picture back. Any extra holes you had to put in the wall will be hidden by the picture after Christmas.
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The TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Cat Tree only has one level, making it totally different from the other two trees we discussed. Not only that, but rather than containing platforms or condos for resting, it features a super soft faux fur lined hammock; pretty luxurious! What is perfect about this cat tree is exactly how simple it is, and the small size allows it to fit well into any home or apartment without being very noticeable. This tree is also perfect for both large and small cats; as the soft hammock top is reinforced with a steel rim, there is no way your cat, regardless of its size, will be able to break it. Also, the supports of the hammock are posts wrapped in sisal rope, giving this little cat tree two scratching towers! The base is made of compressed wood and is 1.3′ by 1.3′ (16″ by 16″), making it the smallest of all the trees we have covered. Its heavy base and short height make this tree incredibly stable, so you will never need to worry about your cat knocking it over no matter what size they are. cat tree ideas ( would also be an awesome cake stand or cupcake display)use as a cat tree, plant stand or display shelves!Cedar Outdoor Crystal Tower Cat Tree - Outdoor Cat Condo
A lovely addition for your cats and for improvement of your home decor. The cat tree consists of 2 furry tiers in beige color, and a rectangle base that ensures the proper stability of the whole piece.Our new cat tree stands 6 feet tall and has several extra large platforms to provide plenty of space for your cats. It is made with solid basswood and cedar pos46" Premier Large Cat Tree
Ultra-large cat tree with funny design that resembles a real tree with four perches where a cat may relax on. It is covered with fluffy carpet fabric in two colors. Square base provides desirable sturdiness and stability.The Fantasia Cat Tree - 215 - This beautiful large cat tree stands six feet eight inches tall and has enough room to easily accommodate eleven cats. Only the finest and highest quality carpet is used on this tree, and the carpet is guaranteed not to fade even after years of direct sunlight. These wonderful cat trees are custom-made, hand built, one at a time in the USA.Wall mounted cat tree stands 6' tall w/ 5 perches and is birch with mahogany trim. This sleek addition takes up minimal space but will give your cat years of recreation.The Tomcat FatCat is approximately 3 inches wider and longer than the TomCat II. Weighing approximately 29 lbs. this climber is designed for bow and gun hunting. Like all TomCat models, the FatCat attaches to the tree very easily using adjustable slide-in hooks and pins. Each TomCat model utilizes cat like teeth to dig into the bark. As with the TomCat II, you can choose to sit facing the tree, or by using the slide out seat, sit with your back to the tree. The seat can be easily adjusted by hand, by using the easy to grip thumb screws. FatCat maximum weight limit is 300 lbs.Copyright 2002 Cat Tree Kingdom. All rights reserved. Intellectual property and Trade dress legally protected by the Lanham Act Under section 43(a) federal statute United States Patent and Trademark Office. Large Cat Play Tree - 110069 - 4 Cat Perches for your cat to sit on - Round Pet Bed on Top - Many Scratching Areas - Comes Fully Assembled - Overall Dimensions: 20"L x 20"W x 50"H - This item ships FREE anywhere in the lower 48 contiguous states.