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This 3-Tier Cat Treehouse is the perfect exercise and play area for your kitten.
If you're looking for the ultimate in luxurious pet furniture for your overly pampered feline, the cool new is it. Unlike the typically designed carpeted cat tree columns, this unique, handcrafted cat treehouse actually places the platforms, ledges and perches up in the gnarled branches of a mature dragonwood tree that was harvested from sustainable forests in Florida and Georgia. The branches are left in their natural state with the bark and lichen still intact and features realistic silk foliage for cats to hide in and plan their attacks. At almost $800, it would probably be cheaper to buy your cat an entire tree with a full-blown treehouse in it, but maybe it will give a few of you with cats and carpentry skills some ideas.
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Cleaning your Classi-Cat Treehouse:
A Drs. Foster & Smith Classi-Cat Treehouse can be vacuumed periodically to remove pet hair and debris. For the cedar and sisal, brush or vacuum only. Do not use liquids to clean. Cedar, like the natural trees cats love to scratch, may show some cracks as it ages. Rest assured that it in no way alters the soundness of the product. how to scroll up when using cat? | Treehouse CommunitySpace Cat by Treehouse on the App Store - iTunes - AppleCould not see the exception in log cat | Treehouse Community
Designer Cat Treehouse, $1299: A Cat Tree House is a unique hand crafted natural pet habitat that lets your cats indulge their primeval jungle instincts. Every home is designed and built to provide years of enjoyment for your dearest pets. They are made from mature dragonwood trees left in its natural state - gnarled branches, lichen bark and all. | Cat Palace USARugged, U.S.A. made cat furniture treehouse looms 44" high and provides one of the most cat-friendly retreats you'll find. Beginning with the sturdy 19" x 19" square base, your cat is sure to feel secure as he climbs up to any of the three perching levels. Plus, he's treated to flea-repelling cedar and scratchable sisal to keep his nails trimmed and indulge his instinct to scratch.