Color Bakery 'Turquoise Beach IV' Matted Silver Framed Art 11 x 11

So relax and look around. Color Bakery art lifts, heals, inspires, delights.
Color Bakery started after years of enthusiasm Mindy Sommers received from website surfers about her displayed art. "Oh, I'd love that art on my wall," or "please make stuff I can get for my home with your art on it." She was told her art was joyous, uplifting, inspirational. In time, her successful graphic design and digital painting business expanded as her art was purchased for book covers, as prints and canvas, written about or used as cover art in magazines, bundled with software, and used for fabric and fashion. "Nothing prepared me for the excitement of putting my work on glass, stone and ceramic tile. Unlike prints or canvas, tiles are 3-D, tactile, and have a vibrance and depth of brilliant color that prints simply cannot match. The first time I saw my work blown up in a six foot by six foot glass mural, I was pretty much blown away by what tiles could do." Today, Mindy Sommers' work is enjoyed by customers all over the globe. As a licensed artist exclusively through , Mindy's work is also manufactured on a wide array of gift, home decor and art items sold by major retailers the world over. Mindy's is the packaging for one of the hottest new perfumes in Australia called
Trademark Art 'Summer Linen' by Color Bakery Painting Print on Wrapped Canvas Size: H x W x D
Whether it's trend-right dinnerware collections, fabric, hostess-ware and home decor accents, gift items, wall decor or paper goods, Color Bakery is unusually diversified when it comes to designing in widely varying styles and art genres. From repeat patterns to botanicals to coastal and kitchen (food) art, Color Bakery is synonymous with diversity--coupled with an impressive track record of success. No matter what the assignment, we work closely with Art Licensing International's clients to create exclusive, custom designs that are painstakingly mindful of brand. We even create mockups with the customer's own product photography. And that kind of rare, personalized customization translates into sales. Color Bakery 'Winter White II' Matted Silver Framed Art 11 x 11Color Bakery 'Glassberry II' Matted Birch Framed Art 11 x 11Color Bakery 'Turquoise Beach IV' Matted Silver Framed Art 11 x 11
I love Asian (Egyptian, Moroccan, Russian, Early American Japanese, Islamic) art. Do you have that?
Yes. We have a huge collection of beautiful original artwork in many different styles and periods. We couldn't begin to put our full collection online, the site would be enormous and extremely difficult to surf. Please contact us. Most likely, we have what you want, or can create it.

Is there an additional charge to prepare my artwork?
RESELLERS: If you are a reseller, we do require a minimum of $350.00 worth of merchandise for a customized order. There may be an upcharge, each order is treated individually. We try to waive any prep charges whenver we can. It's only if the prep gets intense (hours), then we talk to you about what kind of charge is involved.

END CONSUMERS: If you are a retail buyer/end consumer, there is no additional fee if you upload your own artwork or photo. Make a phony shopping cart (which you can delete at any time) to see how much the total will be with shipping.

I don't have a company logo. Can you design one for me so I can use it on your products?
Absolutely. Mindy Sommers is a professional graphic and logo designer as well as a professional artist, and she has been a professional logo designer for years. She can definitely design a logo that reflects your company's unique vision.

I already have a logo, and would like to use it in tandem with Color Bakery artwork. Can you do that?
Sure! Many of our customers have done just that. In fact, you can see coffee mug examples of that on the very top of this page.

How long will it take to customize, say, a coffee table?

That depends. Are we designing the art or are you supplying it? Obviously, if it's the former, it will take longer since we have to create the art first. But if you are supplying the art or photography, most orders take between two and four weeks.

I really like your "Purplescape" image, but I am not a purple person. Can you make it in blue?
You bet.

What size image do I need to upload for my customized order?
More information about that is on our .

We are always available to respond to questions.Color Bakery, a leader in , is much more than just our business, it's a big portion of our life. We enjoy what we do immensely--every tile mural, custom tile, tile floor, clock, serving tray, backsplash etc. we make is truly a labor of love. Making beautiful things with our hands and working with luscious color is just the coolest thing, and we feel lucky to be able to share our love of beautiful things with you. I am the artist and my husband Glen is the color baker. ;)Color Bakery's custom tile murals, custom tile floors, custom accent tiles, custom art gifts and custom home decor accents are utterly unlike anything else you've seen in home decor or tile. There is nothing else remotely like it out there. That's a promise we will confidently guarantee.The artist behind Color Bakery, You can find her original art on beautiful gift and home decor products in many major retailers across the world, including Bed, Bath and Beyond, Macy's, Target, Pier I and many more, from area rugs to tabletop to gift items to wallpaper and all kinds of wall decor.