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 - A good introduction to the concept of running a cricket farm and offering crickets for sale.
Start by preparing an aquarium where your crickets will live. A 10 gallon aquarium will be fine to start, though you may need to expand that depending on how big your business grows. Make sure there is fresh water and food for the crickets. You can also use broken up egg crates to provide places for them to hide (they often like their privacy). Then, when your crickets are ready, just hang out a sign saying crickets for sale.
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Because we responsibly offer feeder crickets for sale online (as well as reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions), we reserve the right to delay your order upon the fairly rare occurrence of unacceptable weather conditions. This is strictly for the safety of the crickets, and you will be notified by e-mail if this does occur. Order your live feeder crickets and worms below. Our live crickets are for sale online in a variety of sizes.Does your business offer Crickets For Sale products or services in Long Beach or CA? If so, Please view our all-inclusive!We have nutritious live feeder crickets for sale at rock-bottom prices. Overnight shipping is always absolutely free!
If you've ever owned a pet reptile or frog, then you know that the cost of crickets can add up. However, what you may not realize is that it's easy to start your own cricket farm and hang out a shingle offering crickets for sale. This is a way of making money which can even be done from home rather than needing to do it in a large outdoor farm like environment. Here's what you need to know:On the other hand, if you simply want to raise crickets at home (say in the basement) and offer crickets for sale to local pet owners, the job is pretty easy. You just need to have an aquarium for them to live in along with the appropriate feed (corn meal is popular, though there are also specialized cricket food products for sale from pet food shops). Then, you need to ensure that you've got a mix of both male and female crickets. Be sure however that you don't sell the female crickets as they tend to be more valuable since they are the ones that lay eggs and produce new crickets for sale to eager pet owners.Offering crickets for sale is generally going to be a side thing where you make some extra cash rather than something where you earn a full time living. That's because creating a commercial level cricket farm which will earn a full time living for you requires a much larger commitment than many people would be willing to engage in - you'd need to be raising millions of crickets to make a living since they tend to sell for around 10 cents each and the food they eat isn't free (though it is quite cheap).Remember that crickets are worth more when they are younger. Most frogs and other reptiles which eat crickets don't like mature crickets since they are large and hard to catch. This means that when offering crickets for sale it's important to keep the stock young and to get them out the door quickly. Crickets typically live anywhere from 8-20 weeks so it's best to sell crickets which are in the two week old range.Remember that crickets are quite noisy, so you probably don't want to raise crickets for sale in an apartment building. However, if you live on a farm or even have a large basement, you can generally do fine raising these insects. Keep in mind that they do jump however and that you absolutely do not want to end up with crickets jumping out of the aquarium and ending up all over your home. Otherwise, you'll never get any peace and quiet.At Top Hat, not only are our high quality crickets the best available for the pet food market, they're also a great snack for yourself! We are positioning ouselves to offer bulk frozen crickets for sale. Our crickets are the best choice for several reasons. First, we've followed all food grade standards in raising them... our environment is extremely clean! Second, our crickets are clean, meaning you won't have to sort out large numbers of foreign insects. When you order frozen crickets, that's what you'll get: just crickets. Additionally, all crickets are the same size and will be guaranteed clean upon arrival.

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