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Deer antler chew toys contain many of the best nutrients that your dog craves
Elk and Deer Antler Chew Toys are quickly becoming one the most popular dog toys on the market. Our customers love the fact that our product is created from the natural process of deer and elk shedding their antlers each spring. For those not familiar with Deer and Elk Antlers let us give you some information.
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I have been giving my Dogs Antlers for years. I go out and find them in the woods once the deer have shed. I don’t have one single bad thing to say about them. Me and the dogs get exercise while finding them, the dogs absolutely love them, they last forever, and from everything I have read they promote bone strength and density in my dogs. I would definitely caution against giving any dog an antler that was old and brittle. sometimes we find them after a few years on the ground. no good . I only give my dogs fresh shed antlers that are still in the form they were before the deer shed them. I don’t have any proof but I believe with a good diet and exercise and deer antlers as chew toys has extended the life and health of my old dogs. Thank goodness I don’t have to buy them though , wow , expensive. Sorry for the long run-on sentence I am typing with one hand due to a broken humours in my shoulder. good luck to all with deer antlers . I am 100% a fan for dogs. Elk and Deer Antler Dog Chews - Ruff Toy ReviewsDeer hard antler chew toys contain many of the best nutrients that your dog cravesShed Reindeer Antlers Dog Chew Toys - The Green Head
Why are Deer Antlers Good Chew Toys for Dogs? Dogs love all natural antler toys because they are incredibly similar to classic bones; antler toys however are odor free and have lots of natural minerals such as calcium. By having a way to expend excess energy your dog is more likely to avoid chewing on items in your home that you don’t want chewed up.