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Embark Veterinary Inc. is developing a DNA test to help dog owners provide better pet care.
Doggy DNA tests currently range from $45 to $100. They are widely available on the internet from both their manufacturers’ websites and other online retailers. Keep in mind that more expensive does not necessarily mean more accurate. And be sure to check the website or package details to ensure that the breed you suspect your pet may be is on that product’s list.
The Pet DNA Test We Use
DNA testing for humans is nothing new. We regularly rely on the results of these types of tests to determine paternity, figure out our ancestry, and even check for the probability of developing certain inherited diseases. It only makes sense that, given the ease and relative low cost of genetic testing technology, that pet DNA testing would become a booming industry. DNA test results to determine if an Ocean County woman's pet bobcat is a purebred or hybrid may be available by May 16.How Pet DNA Testing WorksBioPet Vet Lab, which recently unveiled the Dog DNA Breed Identification Test.
A few weeks ago, a New York City co-op made headlines when it informed pet-owning residents that they had to produce documentation proving the breeds of their dogs. If the dog was a mix, the percentage of each breed had to be detailed in DNA testing—which prompted cries of "doggie racism," according to . The co-op bans 27 breeds.While co-ops and rentals may use the tests if specific breeds are banned, in large part, the sales of DNA tests have been fueled owner curiosity and by animal shelters, which to help place pets into homes. When adopting a pet, prospective owners want to know how big the dogs will get, whether they're good with kids and if the dogs might be suitable for, say, apartment living. Knowing the breed makeup can shed light on that. Wisdom Panel even makes a shelter test called DogTrax, which gives fast-tracked results since shelter dogs so often have a short amount of time to find a home. Knowing a dog's breed is also helpful in knowing what health issues for which the dog may be at risk.Years after dog DNA testing was first introduced, though, it's finally becoming mainstream. Since Mars Veterinary launched its dog DNA test in 2007, Wisdom Panel, the company—owned by Mars, Incorporated—claims to have sold some 400,000 tests—with the latest consumer version selling for $84.99 a pop. Its other major competitor is DNA My Dog—owned by a Canadian firm—which charges $59.99 per test. Both claim to unlock the mysteries of a dog's genes to reveal their breeds.Dog DNA has been in the news this past year with regards to housing properties that allow pets. The ongoing challenges some people have with learning how to use a poop bag have spurred DNA testing to determine which canines and their owners are leaving messes. In order for tenants to live at a property with a dog, the dog has to have a DNA test performed and put on file along with the lease. One such company called PooPrints works with 28 different property management companies to discover the problematic pooch. Oftentimes the mere threat of a DNA test resulting in a warning or a fine has improved cleanliness habits from dog owners. Of course, I always go to those times when one of our dogs is not having a good day and no matter how skilled we are with our poop bags, the stuff can’t be picked up. We’ve all be there. How can a tenant explain away an upset tummy? I’m hoping properties have a little leniency for those special situations.A DNA test will soon be available for breeders and pet owners, along with information about what the test can and cannot tell them. The test clearly identifies dogs that are clear (have 2 normal copies of the gene), those who are carriers (have one normal copy of the gene and one mutated copy of the gene), and those who are at much higher risk for developing DM (have 2 mutated copies of the gene). However, having two mutated copies of the gene does not necessarily result in disease.Dog people set aside money for pet-related health care expenses, just as they would for the own human family’s. Pet owners may not think twice about getting a dog DNA test to check for such as or .