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So do I keep looking to find pee pads (we're not doing diapers, b/c she's not wetting her beds, or peeing in multiple spots) that don't have attractant-- or do we think that adult dogs won't pay attention to that?
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Did you know? If you have plain pee pads with no attractant, you can make your own form of attractant by simply collecting with a paper towel a bit of your dog’s urine from an area he previously soiled and passing it onto the pee pad. The scent of pee will tell your dog that this is his new bathroom! •The volatile aroma compounds of the 7 dog food attractants were analyzed•The palatability of the 7 dog food attractants were tested and rankedAttractants | Spotted Dog Sporting Goods
In October 1991 we recorded all black-tailed prairie dog () colonies and cattle points in a 1248-km2 study area in southwest North Dakota and southeast Montana. Cattle point attractants were defined as fabricated water tanks and long-term supplemental feed sites. We found that a significant number of prairie dog colonies encompassed or adjoined cattle point attractants ( What attractants are added to dog peed pads, to make them attractive enough for dogs to pee on them? Following are some little known facts about pee pads in dogs and tips on how to use them.Like other working dogs, Wicket ignores everyone but Hurt whenshe's on the job. She's pretty good at ignoring other favorite dogattractants, like telephone poles, fireplugs and cats. One thingthat's been a bit of a problem as the company has grown istelevision coverage.Many companies advertise how well their pee pads work courtesy of several attractants added for the purpose of drawing the dog to relieve himself on the pad. Not all attractants are created equal though and therefore not all of them may work.One method that has worked very well for puppy owners is a spray remedy. There are sprays that are made specifically for puppy potty training which will repel them from urinating or defecating in specific areas of the home, as well as sprays made to attract them to certain areas of the yard and encourage proper elimination. Both types of spraysuse scent as either a deterrent or an attractant. With a deterrent spray, you can spray areas of the carpet where the puppy has improperly urinated, therefore discouraging him from repeating the act. With attractant sprays, you can spray them on newspapers, puppy pads, or out in the yard where the dog has eliminated to encourage proper elimination.1. Chop hotdogs in chunks, approximately 3/4 inch thick—large enough that the chunk doesn't come off the hook easily after it soaks up the attractant mixture. If you use dry dog food, keep it in big bites; sometimes the dog food comes sized to large breeds which means larger bites.Although the process of making homemade fish attractant is a relatively easy one, you can easily tweak it in many different ways. Most fish attractants require an oil-based product such as olive oil, cod liver oil, anise oil or any other type of fish oil product, as well as something to soak up attractant mixture such as dry dog food or hotdog pieces. After you assemble the basic components, the process becomes a matter of trying different additives. Bass really seem to like garlic, along with other species of fish. Typically commercial fish attractants have some form of smelly additive such as garlic in them.3. Mix the ingredients well, and completely cover the hotdog chunks or dry dog food with the oil mixture. The chunks will swell when soaking up the attractant mixture.