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Wondercide Fresh Dog Deodorizer Spray 4 oz. is specially designed to provide natural solutions to your pets. It is made of natural and organic products like Neem oil and other therapeutic essential oils like Lavender and Lemongrass which helps freshen and deodorizes your dogs and at the same time heals and soothes them. Compared to other products which temporarily covers up the stinky smell of your dogs, this deodorizing spray helps soothes skin, bacterial and fungal diseases which may cause unpleasant odor. It is guaranteed safe to use on dogs of all ages. It does not contain alcohol or any artificial colors and fragrances so it will not stain your furniture, carpet or flooring. The spray comes in 4 oz. bottle and weighs 5.6 oz.
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For all the lazy dog owners out there, including me; we don’t give our dogs a bath very often. This means that we make them stinky – stinky dogs, stinky breath, stinky bed…oh god what else ????? I thought this is because of our laziness and carelessness that our dogs smell bad, but I was wrong. Its actually the nature of outdoor dogs that even if you give him bath daily, he would constantly go stinky. Thank God …. not my mistake !!!! lol. Here are few dog Deodorizer spray homemade for stinky dogs. Diy dog deodorizing spray - YouTubeDog Deodorizer Spray | OxyfreshOdogs Dog Deodorizer Spray - All Natural Odor Eliminator & Odor Control for Dogs - 8 ..
Odogs Dog Deodorizer Spray - 100% Natural Odor Eliminator for Dogs -Best Alternative for Dry Shampoo Waterless Bath -Keeps Your Dogs Smelling Fresh Between Baths, 8 oz -by Healthy Clean Pet *** Click image to review more dogs sometimes get stinky. they just that 'wet' dog smell from coming in from outside from there potty break. is there any dog deodorizing spray that is non-toxic, good smelling and something that would make there coat shine?
thanx!Dog deodorizer spray homemade recipe - DIY dog deodorizing spray. Its actually the nature of outdoor dogs that even if you give him bath daily, he would constantly go stinkyMost dog perfumes temporarily cover up bad smells by creating artificial “good” smells through the use of alcohol and toxic chemicals. , our dog deodorizing spray, does so much more than this. Fresh smells great, but it also treats the source, not the symptoms, by healing the skin issues that are causing your dog’s stinky smell.In response to both of these reactions, Wondercide developed an dog deodorizing spray, , that offers a great scent like perfume but doesn’t contain any of perfume’s harmful chemicals, and unlike perfume, does more than just cover up bad smells.You can use this on rainy days when the dog smell is much more noticeable. You can also use dog Deodorizer spray homemade to blend on your rooms to freshen up your house.Given the toxicity of typical perfumes, we made sure our dog deodorizing spray contains no bad ingredients. Fresh uses only natural, non-toxic ingredients – we promise!
Fresh™ 4oz Dog Deodorizer Spray soothes skin issues that may be causing a pet's stinky smell. We use healing neem oil and soothing essential oils to make any pup smell great between baths! Dogs don't naturally smell bad, so if your dog consistently stinks, it could indicate an underlying issue. Unlike most dog perfume or dog deodorant, Fresh is actually good for the skin and coat. Instead of just covering up the stinky dog smell, Fresh heals and soothes the bacteria, fungus, or skin issues that may be causing Fido's stinky smell.