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After my wife passed it’s been just my dog Freckle, and me. After feeding Purina Dog Chow for years a friend pointed out to me that Freckle’s coat looked dull. When I was out shopping at Menards I discovered the Taste of the Wild line of food. Freckles was with me and got excited about sniffing the TOTW bags. I bought her Pacific Stream. She developed bloody diarrhea barely 2 days later and I just started fuming thinking it had to be the food. I called Diamond, not really expecting much, and was surprised that they offered me the opportunity to speak to a live vet. Dr Heldman took the time to talk to me for a half an hour. We were able to rule some things out as the cause of the diarrhea, and she provided me with a clear path to take to get to the bottom of his diarrhea problem. Ultimately Freckles was diagnosed with “Hemorrhagic Gastro Enteritis”. This was not caused by the food. I’m grateful to the staff at Taste of the Wild.
If you buy it and have questions, call their vet!
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We fed taste of the wild (all formulas) to our dogs for a couple of years. Recently my German shepherd developed a skin condition that left her hairless. It was a yeast infection which we treated and treated and treated some more. All of my dogs including my puppy had been abnormally calm. As 3 of them are in their teens I chalked it up to age. They didn’t want to go outside, they slept all day, rarely played and were not eating enthusiastically anymore. This had been going on for about half a year. I happened upon a forum when researching cost effective grain free foods for my parents listing many problems with both TOTW and Diamond in recent months so on a whim I changed dog foods. After about 2 weeks I started noticing a change in their behavior. After a month I have dogs that are so exuberant I almost wish they would calm back down. :). My German Shepherd’s hair has grown almost completely back in. I know not every food is right for every dog but I have six dogs and with the same response from each dog I am left to wonder if something in the dog food was not healthy for them. At this time, I can not recommend this feed. Which and call of the wild dog food of a cat - McKinney's Western StoreUse call of the wild dog food a b asWheat while call of the wild dog food and raisins protein
Recalled in 2012 for risk of salmonella. Taste of the Wild is made by Diamond Pet Foods, and certain batches were part of the 2012 recall over salmonella concerns, along with other Diamond brands. Several pets -- and several owners who handled the foods -- became sick. A search of the FDA's website shows that Taste of the Wild has not been recalled since. Taste of the Wild also contains canola oil and sodium selenite -- both red-flag ingredients for one top expert, and stuff you won't find in the very best dog foods. On the positive side, Taste of the Wild says it uses only U.S. ingredients (ingredients from China have been linked to contamination) and that the fish meal is free of ethoxyquin, a controversial preservative. I recently switched from Pinnicle to Taste of the Wild because of price, and availability; however, my oldest dog(going on 15) is now showing signs of a skin condition, she had for many years, but had improved immensly when I started giving her the pinnacle fish(as oppose to the duck, or chicken , which we started with); what I don’t understand is why? I mean I compared the ingredients of pinnacle’s fish and sweet potatoe to the Taste of the Wild salmon(I also alternate with the bison and venison). I also give them(I have total of 3 dogs, different breeds and ages) some wet food from Taste of the Wild mixed in perioducally, and some yogart once or twice a week(my holistic vet suggested this), If you can shed some light for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I really don’t want to go back to Pinnacle for the reasons I gave, or have to buy it just for the one dog, if I can get away from it.Mary Straus puts Taste of the Wild on her list of top dry dog foods, but with more reservations than most reviewers. She's concerned that the use of exotic proteins might prove to be a problem in identifying a food allergy should one arise, and she notes that Taste of the Wild was part of the 2012 Diamond Pet Foods recall. I've been feeding both my dogs Taste of the Wild for several years now, after trying all sorts of other dog foods. Both dogs love it (now exclusively on the wild fowl flavor, but have tried other flavors) and are healthy and thriving dogs. There was a minor recall a while back, but my dogs were not in any danger and the company offered a full refund and quickly addressed concerns. The price is better than other premium foods, and though not cheap, is definitely worth it to keep my dogs healthy and happy. I highly recommend this dog food as a good base food from which to build a nutritious diet. I sometimes add fresh veggies, eggs and meat as supplemental foods, but they are perfectly happy eating Taste of the Wild simply by itself. I even use it as a treat stuffed in a play bone.