What kind of muzzle do any of you suggest for a shi tzu

Sep 28, 2016 - We have previously done a review on the Top 2 Dog Muzzle For Shih Tzu
This professional Dog Muzzle For Shih Tzu is one of the more popular models on Amazon too. This comes in only 1 size. When your Shih Tzu wear this muzzle, you can be rest assured that the entire grooming process is as smooth as possible.
Dog Muzzle For Shih Tzu.
Some of you might be wondering, why are we writing an article about the Best Muzzle For Shih Tzu. After we wrote the article on , some owners have written in to us, saying that they are getting bitten by their Shih Tzu while they are grooming them. This is actually perplexing, as it has never occurred to us. Nonetheless, we have went to ask various professional dog groomers, and they have recommended us to use Dog Muzzles for the Shih Tzu. Muzzles 66784: Leather Dog Muzzle For Shih Tzu And Other Flat Face Faced Short Snout Dogs BUY IT NOW ONLY: $149.9.Dog Muzzle For Shih Tzu‎This dog means it when he snaps his teeth