Benefits Of Dog Play Pen For Outdoor And Indoor Use

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Your pets will stay safe and secure inside this indoor and outdoor doggy playpen
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If you have a large open yard, or just dogs prone to tearing through your carefully manicured landscaping, you might want to consider adding a playpen for your canines. You’ll be able to keep them confined to where you want while still allowing them to enjoy some playtime outdoors, which will keep both of you quite happy. If you’ve been looking into it, you might be a bit confounded by the large amount of pens available, but we’ll show you how to pick the one that will suit the needs of both you and your canine with a surprising amount of ease.One of the biggest advantages of play pens is that they can be used in a similar fashion as crates. However, since they offer more space and freedom, play pens may be a great alternative for dogs who are not particularly fond of crates. Outdoor dog play pens may also be quite useful for dog owners who own yards lacking a fenced section. Play pens designed for outdoor use are similar to a dog run, even though smaller, and are usually made of sturdy materials such as plastic or wire. Several offer the option to be covered to prevent the dog from escaping. Indoor play pens are generally in plastic or soft-sided which are easy to fold, transport and store. The IRIS Plastic Pet Playpen is almost an ideal indoor/outdoor playpen for puppies and smaller dogs. It’s a bit light and small for animals with some real size to them, but the plastic won’t scratch your floors but will still hold up to the weather quite well. It’s also available in quite a few colors.When using an outdoor play pen, puppies or dogs should never be left in direct sunlight because of the risk of overheating. Fresh water should always be available and the puppy should have a shaded area. Dry food may be preferable to canned as the latter tends to dry out quickly and spoil. However, expect critters to show up if your puppy does not eat its kibble right away. keep your pet safe and secure using the portable pet playpen. Whether you are outdoors or inside, know where your pet is at all times. It has an open or close top with mesh sides for cool ventilation and shade. The base is also waterproof. Indoor dog pen will keep your pet comfortable. Self-closures with removable nylon and mesh zippered top provide easy access to pet. Pet pen is strong yet lightweight. Puppy exercise pen is great for on-the-go, traveling, visiting friends and family too. Never leave your pooch behind. When standing, small dog playpen measures 29 inches in diameter and 17 inches in height.