The Classy Canine | Dog Spa Treatments

Treat your best friend to a day at the spa with the Willow Pet Hotel Dog Spa Day Treatment!
Soil Me Dogsoa is consistently wonderful! We have been using their services regularly for almost two years and have always been pleased. Our Border Terrier gets the works including hand stripping and is always in a great frame of mind when we pick him up. Spoil Me Dog Spa treatments is the perfect choice for dog grooming.
Going to the Dogs – Spa Treatments for People and Their Pets
Our experienced, caring spa partners make your pet’s visit both safe and enjoyable. Start your pet off with dog grooming options such as gland expression, tooth brushing, or a dog bath. Next, add dog spa treatments that pamper and style your pet, such as a facial, pawdicure, or brush-out. dog spa treatments paws up | Paws UpMariah Carey Reportedly Spends $46K a Year on Dog Spa TreatmentsDog Spa Treatments - Dog Spa Services | Dallastown, PA
Our spa partners know when it’s time to pamper, when it’s time to exercise, and when it’s time for a little rest, and relaxation. Our dog spa treatments can also include a luxurious rubdown for your pet. And if your dog is staying overnight at Pooch Hotel, we can deliver turn-down service, complete with a tummy rub, right in the comfort of your pet’s suite.Don’t forget the inside of the mouth; no doggy spa treatment is complete without it. After drying the fur and brushing it, brush your dog’s teeth.Start the doggy spa treatment with carefully brushing out the fur of your dog, that is, if your dog has fur. This will get rid of the knots in the fur and smooth it out, making it easier to clean later on. If your dog doesn’t have a lot of hair, brush the fur anyway.