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Private Dog Training Lessons are customized, convenient, efficient and effective.
Private Dog Training Lessons are scheduled for your convenience — days, evenings or weekends. Private Training rates are the same regardless of how many dogs are involved.
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That’s My Dog! offers private dog training lessons for owners interested in a educational “do-it-yourself” approach to training their dog. While being coached through the process, clients will learn how to utilize and implement the training techniques used by That’s My Dog! professionals. Individuals learning to train their dog through private lessons must be committed to doing considerable practice time on a daily basis in order to be fair to their dog and keep up with the curriculum. For any and all issues outside of fear and aggression. Our Private Dog Training Lessons are tailored to suit your needs.Private Dog Training Lessons - Folsom Dog ResortPrivate Dog Training Lessons | Doggie Do Good - Dog Training
Whether you have a puppy or a grown dog, questions about the best way to proceed are sure to arise. Our private dog training lessons offer you and your family the opportunity to work with your puppy or dog in your home, on the street, or in the park--at a time convenient for you. Even if your dog is having no particular problems, but you are having trouble fitting into our class schedules, private lessons may be right for you. They are available seven days a week from early morning until 8 PM. Call us for details.Does your dog have a behavior problem? Often a dog is not yet ready for group classes. A private training lesson in your home or at the training center to provide behavior modification is the best course of action to bring out the best in your dog. Private training lessons are also great for hectic schedules as it allows you greater flexibility and ease in incorporating your family in training. We will work together to make life happier for you and your dog. The focus is 100% on you and your dog! Written training plans are available at a nominal charge.Adult Dogs: Private dog training lessons work well for people who prefer working one-on-one with a trainer. Private lessons also work well to address very specific problems. Does your dog's elevator etiquette need improvement? Is he stalking the cat, or lunging out at bicycles and passing dogs? Did he just chew the fringe off your rug? Among the problems we address are housebreaking, aggression, shyness, jumping up on people and furniture, destructive chewing, and excessive barking. Our Obedience Training Dog Day School consists of an eight day private dog training program and three one-on-one dog training lessons with a certified dog trainer. In these dog training lessons, our trainer will provide a progress review and offer training information and dog training tips to help you continue obedience training at home. These dog training lessons occur after Day 4, Day 8, and 2-4 weeks later. Our trainer can also recommend dog training tools and supplies that will maximize your dog’s success. While in dog day school, dogs are exposed to everyday distractions like bikes, kids, and other dogs. These distractions provide a realistic environment for obedience training, and especially leash training.In home private dog training lessons are customized for you to meet your needs and goals. All of the lessons will work on only the behaviors that are important to you. We can work at your home, in the park, at the beach or any other location you choose. From bringing a puppy home, working on basic obedience to prepping for the we can train it all! to schedule days, times and locations that work best for you and your dog and get started now.Is your schedule too busy to work on training your dog? This program may be the perfect solution for you and your dog! A certified dog trainer will provide a custom dog obedience training program that consists of 15-30 private dog training sessions. The number of dog training sessions depends on which option you choose. This intensive dog training program is 1-2 weeks long and also includes two private dog training lessons with you. These dog training lessons will teach you how to continue your dog obedience training at home. Our trainer can also recommend dog training tools and supplies. Dogs will practice social skills and proper greetings with other dogs and people at They will also practice basic dog training commands, such as sit, down, come, stay, settle, and heel. We offer two options: