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Lollipop Farm Boarding Kennels provides Pet Sitting and Dog Training services in Lubbock, TX.
That's because each of Karma Dog Training's premiere Lubbock puppy training and socialization classes are integrated with at least a half hour of fantastic unbridled puppy fun as your newest addition to the family learns to properly play off-leash with his or her peers.
(Reprinted with permission from Dr. R.K. Anderson for Karma Dog Training in Lubbock)
Lone Star Guide Dog Raisers is a network of puppy raising clubs throughout the state of Texas committed to training and socializing specially bred pups from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Currently, Lone Star Guide Dog Raisers is raising more than 100 guide dog candidates in 13 established clubs. The state's newest puppy raising chapter is the Lubbock club, which is a registered student organization at Texas Tech comprised entirely of graduate and undergraduate students. (Reprinted with permission from Dr. R.K. Anderson for Karma Dog Training in Lubbock)Lubbock, TX 79415 United States Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessedmodern dog in lubbock tx trains dogs to be obedient and corrects behavior problems.
The South Plains Obedience Training Club of Lubbock is a nonprofit organization that promotes the sport of training dogs and responsible dog ownership through donations to canine causes, public education projects, pet therapy and year round obedience training. The South Plains Obedience Training Club of Lubbock was founded in Lubbock, TX in 1970.SPOTC meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm. Meetings are held at our training facility located at 5222 Marsha Sharp Frwy, Lubbock, Texas. Membership is open to anyone with a love for dogs and training. We look forward to introducing more people to the exciting and rewarding sport of dog training.Before the club was established, training classes were started in early 1970 by Caroline Handl at her K-9 Kennels facility located outside of the South Plains town of Lubbock, Texas. These classes produced so much interest in dog obedience that the club was founded shortly thereafter with her help. The first organizational meeting of the group was held December 7, 1970, with 27 persons in attendance. The group's guiding principles for forming the club were to promote the sport of dog training and encourage responsible dog ownership.In our Lubbock dog training classes, we also give you a greater understanding of your role in your dog's behavioral obstacles and how they originated. We then provide you with many practical applications on how to overcome them, turning them from potential negative experiences into positive healing opportunities.By hosting weekly puppy kindergarten and puppy socialization classes for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and four-and-a-half months of age, Karma Dog Training offers Lubbock puppy owners a safe and supervised place to bring their not-yet-fully vaccinated puppies to immediately begin the process of "safe socialization".If you are passionate about pets and animals in general, yet you do not want to pursue a career as a veterinarian, then becoming a professional pet groomer in Lubbock TX may be the right thing for you – the training is minimal and this career tends to be very professionally and financially rewarding over the years, especially if you choose to open your own private pet grooming salon. The coursework will be combined with practical experience, and you will learn how to brush the dog’s fur, how to cut and shape it, how to trim the nails and such.