Doggy (and Cat!) Staircase Tower

• Place the Doggy Steps on a stable, non-slippery floor.
Eight weeks from the original incident, this ordeal was finally over. The $25 doggy stairs ended up costing us $499.53 (doggy stairs + vet bills).
The World’s Most Expensive Doggy Stairs
The doggy stairs were very sturdy, carpeted and the top step aligned perfectly to the top of the couch cushion. I would place a small treat on each rung of the step to entice her to use each step on her way up to the couch and back down. She was grasping the concept very well right from the start. Doggy StairsPet Stairs Portable 3 Step Ladder Indoor Cat Dog Ramp Couch Bed Doggy Indoor New ..Up and Under Doggy Stairs - Folding Doggie Steps for Beds | BulbHead
doggydocks® Floating Water Ramp for Dogs is the "Original Floating Dog Ramp" which allows dogs to get out of the water onto a boat platform, boat dock, or swimming pool deck without assistance. No other system is safe, easier, or as much fun as doggydocks®.These cute, compact, and collapsible doggy stairs help pets young and old climb and even play! Simply extend and lock the legs into place to let Fido step up into hard-to-reach SUVs, RVs or use as dog stairs for beds. Then simply store the under your couch, bed, or even behind a door.doggydocks® attaches to your boat platform, dock, or swimming pool using one of several options. Please Note: We do not recommend using a standard dock cleat as a mounting option as a long term solution. It was originally intended as a means to attach the doggydocks® in emergency situations.