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Aspen Pet Adjustable Dog Collar Paws Print, (medium) Original Top Quality
When properly assembled and attached to your Dogloo XT, the K-9 Kondo Igloo Dog Door can increase the interior temperature of the doghouse as much as 40 degrees in cold weather, keeping your dog toasty warm all winter long.
Frosted Plastic Door Flap for Large Dogloo and Dogloo XT
I had a chance to check out a Dogloo at a local Petco and I was struck by how little the house weighs. It would be a simple matter for one person to move the house in order to wash it or relocate it in the back yard. 3. Dogloo is a California corporation having its principal place of business in Corona, California.Petmate 29997 Extra-Large BauxFtr Dog DoorFrosted Plastic Door Flap for Medium Dogloo and Dogloo XT
As a woodworker, I find it a bit challenging to get excited about plastic dog houses. I mean, they're made from plastic -- and not wood. But, that's just me...The Tuff-n-Rugged Dog House by Pet Zone is a popular model that is suitable for large breeds of dogs, up to 125 lbs or so. We're talking Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Golden Retrievers and similar sized dogs. Nonetheless, I can appreciate the appeal of plastic dog houses to some pet owners because they do have their advantages. To wit: they are relatively, inexpensive, lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to clean. Also, they don't have splinters, don't rot, and don't have pores for fleas and tics to take up residence in. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read on...The marketing literature for the Dogloo claims that the igloo-shaped design and structural foam construction retains your dog's heat better than any other doghouse design. While I have my doubts about that claim, I will admit that the igloo design does have a certain appeal to it...The Cozy Cottage is similar in style and construction to the Tuff-n-Rugged house except that it is made for medium-sized dogs. It features double wall construction, a snap together design, and a removable roof for easy cleaning. The simulated windows and roof bump-outs contribute to the cottage look.
The Indigo is a relative of the Dogloo dog house. If you compare the two models, you'll see that the Indigo sports an extended doorway which provides extra protection from the elements as well as extra lounging space for your dog. It comes in medium, large, and extra large sizes.The Dogloo comes with a vinyl door flap, a moisture repellent vinyl floor mat, and an adjustable vent. It is available in several sizes ranging from medium (beagles) to giant (Mastiff). The Dogloo KD model shown here is made for large dogs.

The final plastic dog house entry is the Bungalow All Weather Insulated Dog House, the ideal dog house for any climate. The polystyrene foam and honeycomb panels create the perfect amount of insulation when needed. Finished in a UV-protected, non-toxic premium coating, this pet home is both safe and maintenance-free. And yes, it comes ready to assemble with no tools required.