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English bulldogs are apartment superstars. Not only are they loyal and lovable, but they have one particular trait that sends their apartmentability sky-high: they're super duper lazy. There's little these couch potatoes love more than loafing on the couch with you in your studio apartment and watching TV. A bulldog is a layabout bachelor's dream pet. They require a minimum amount of grooming or exercise, and they're also very quiet, in large part because they'd rather just take a nap then bother to bark at anything. Got kids? Great. English bulldogs are almost endlessly patient, and therefore wonderful with children. They're prone to breathing issues and don't tolerate heat well, so invest in an air conditioner if you want to adopt one of these otherwise low-maintenance pals.
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With the help of a dedicated community of dog owners, we have come up with an ultimate list of best apartment dogs. This apartment appropriate dogs list is in no particular order, so neither dog is more suitable than the other in most cases. Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good Apartment DogsAre French Bulldogs Good Apartment DogsAre Old English Sheepdogs Good Apartment Dogs