Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster

Winter White Dwarf Hamster colorings
A winter white, is a dwarf. When you say the term 'Russian dwarf' you can be referring to two species; the Campbell and the Winter white (I say 'can' due to the fact that many simply just say "Russian Dwarf" for either hamster, rather than saying separately Winter White/Campbells). If your going to adopt or buy a hamster from a pet store, you will highly likely get a hybrid, since its merely impossible to get a pure bred WinterWhite/Campbells.
How to Care for Winter White Dwarf Hamsters: 14 Steps
Hybrid dwarf hamsters are bred from winter whites and Campbell’s dwarf hamsters. They are usually bred for their attractive colors such as orange, pudding, or brown but are prone to numerous health problems. Due to this and other ethical issues, crossbreeding the two Russian dwarf hamsters to produce hybrids is controversial. How to Care for Winter White Dwarf Hamsters: 14 StepsWinter White Russian Dwarf HamsterWinter White Russian Dwarf Hamster
Winter White Russian hamsters are a species of hamster in the genus Phodopus. They are typically half the size of the better-known Syrian hamster, and therefore called dwarf hamsters along with all Phodopus species. Features include a typically dark gray dorsal stripe and furry feet. The tail is so short that it hardly shows when the hamster is sitting. As winter approaches and the days get shorter, winter whites’ dark fur grays until it is almost completely white. This adaptation helps them evade predators in the snow covered Steppes of winter. They live mainly in Siberia and are also found in Dzungaria, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Manchuria.Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster Phodopus campbelli was once considered to be a subspecies of the Winter White Dwarf Hamster Phodopus sungorus, but they are now considered to be two separate species. The two species are separated by the Altai Mountain range in Siberia with the Winter White Dwarf Hamsters north of the mountain range in Kazakhstan and Siberia, and the Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters south of the mountain range in Mongolia. It is very difficult to tell the difference between a Winter White and a Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster, and until recently the two were often hybridized unknowingly by novice breeders.Here are my two , Ichigo and Blueberry. They’re Husky or White-face robo dwarf hamsters so their entire faces are white instead of having a brown mask with white eyebrows. Below is Blueberry in the with in the background. I think this photo best suits them well because Blueberry is always curious and Ichigo is super lazy.The Winter White Dwarf Hamster has a more compact, rounder body with a shorter face to conserve body heat in the cold. The Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster has a more lean, sleek body and mouse-like face with larger ears. These characteristics may only be noticeable to the trained eye, even when individuals of the two species are right next to one another.

The Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster is more commonly seen for sale in pet shops, but the Winter White is gaining popularity. Both species in the agouti (natural) coloration are brownish grey in color with a black dorsal stripe running from head to tail and a cream white belly. The easiest way to tell the difference between the two species is to look at the sides of the hamster where the body color meets the white belly. In the Campbell’s, there is usually a cream/beige coloration between the transition of the brown/grey body color to the white belly. The Winter White, however, has darker lines contrasting between the brown/grey body color and the white belly. The Winter White usually has a thicker, darker black dorsal stripe.These Winter White dwarf hamsters are named for their natural camouflage. If exposed to longer nights and shorter days during winter, they become dusted with white over their base color, which they regain in the spring. They are best kept in same-sex pairs or small groups reared together from a young age. Their interactions are as much fun to observe as to participate in. To maintain harmony, handle and give treats to all hamsters each time one is handled or given a treat. (click on web…