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Evo Natura Herring and Salmon Dog 13.2 lb.
The EVO Herring and Salmon made my German Shepherd EXTERMELY itchy. We switched them off Solid Gold due to the supply issues, and within a couple of days he had a red belly and muzzle. We also tried Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream previously which he was ok with in 2010, but he also got an itchy and red belly and muzzle. He seems to be ok with Wellness Core Ocean and any Solid Gold product. Ive compared the ingredients in the four foods, and there were ingredients present in Taste of the Wild / EVO that are not in Solid Gold, but ARE in Wellness, so I have no idea whats making him itchy. The only thing I can come up with is the source ingredients have something he is allergic to.
Evo Herring and Salmon
I’ve been feeding my 3yr old BT EVO Herring and Salmon for about 2years now and she has done wonderfully on it. She’s allergic to a lot of ingredients and has a sensitive tummy and I was excited that I found something that worked for her. However, recently I purchased a new bag and it seems that her stool has become much softer and smells much more putrid. I hate to jump to the conclusion that it’s because P&G bought them out, and are using lower quality ingredients, but nothing else has changed. From reading others comments here and other places, it seems my girl is not the only one having issues. I think it’s time to try something new.. Evo Cat Herring and Salmon A new flavor offering in the EVO brand for catsevo herring and salmon formula grain free dry dog food 13.2 pound bagApr 19, 2013 - I have my Sheltie on Evo Herring and Salmon now
There are currently 7 EVO dry dog food products in the market. Four of these formulas have been designed to meet the standards of the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages and two formulas have been made for adult maintenance (EVO Herring and Salmon Formula and EVO Weight Management Formula).I have my Sheltie on Evo Herring and Salmon now. She is 3/4ths of the way through the bag and has had terrible gas every evening and morning after eating her food. Did not know there was a recall until I read this post. Should I discard the rest of the food and buy her a bag of something else?You won't have to call your feline family member to the table more than once when the meal is EVO Herring and Salmon Formula Dry Cat Food! It is created with the highest-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals to give your cat or kitten a healthy diet. The protein in this holistic food for cats is derived from premium quality fish products that are highly diJollyjim,
I wouldn’t worry too much about the P&G thing just yet. When it first happened nearly two years ago everyone was concerned the ingredient list would change. That didn’t happen so now everyone is suspicious about who their “new” supplier might be.
I use Orijen Senior and EVO Herring and Salmon in rotation for my senior boxer. We adopted her and tried raw for a while but she never got used to it and had some GI issues. Maybe it was because of the junk she had been on her entire life because my other dog does fine on her raw diet.
We supplement with freeze dried raw and canned to boost her protein levels. She does pretty darn well with that. The ingredient list on most Natura foods is so short and straight forward that any changes would likely jump right out at you. Just keep your eyes peeled. I’ve been feeding my cats Evo herring and salmon dry cat food for well over a year. The last bag I purchased a few days ago seems to be different. It did not have the same pungent fish smell. I checked the expiration date at Petco before I bought the bag, but do not remember the exact date. It was at least July of 2013. Petco was able to switch out the remainder of the food for a different bag, but my cats still will not eat it. I directed my concerns to Evo on their website, but I have not received a response. Has anyone else had any problems? Thanks