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The following steps will guide you through the process of finding the perfect pet sitter, including what to ask in interviews, what red flags to look for, and how to ensure the pet sitter and your pet have a great time together while you're gone.
Here’s five ways you can make sure you’re finding a reliable pet sitter for your furbaby:
Evenings are often reserved for relaxation and comfort. A pet sitter is the solution for a lonely night when mom and dad are out of town. A pet massage and a lap to lay in might just be the ticket to the ideal ending to your busy day. The pet sitters at Bella’s have extensive practice at the art of massage and are happy to offer this service to their clients. They will get you to that state of relaxation to give you a good night’s sleep. With mom’s or dad’s approval you may also find that no day is complete without a milk bone or cat treat night cap. Hiring a pet sitter offers benefits for you and your pets. Find out what they are.Find out some easy ways to help your pet sitter give your pet the best car possible.Do you need to find a professional pet sitter or for just someone to watch your pet?

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There are generally few, if any, state or national standards for Trainers, Groomers, First Aid Specialists, Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, or other Pet Sitting Professionals. You can find out more about the qualifications of a pet sitting business by contacting the business directly. See the for more tips. In Boulder, it’s easy to find a pet sitter that offers low rates. Finding a pet sitter who will provide you with the best level of care takes a bit of inquiry. It’s well worth asking your potential sitter these questions before you entrust both your home and your four-legged family member to a pet care provider:
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The sleek layout of DogVacay makes it simple to find a loving home to board your pet while you are away. Hosting hundreds of pet sitters in your area, many with dozens of rave reviews, DogVacay is ready to pair you with the ideal pet sitter. This service also offers the option to look in on your pet’s stay, with video chatting and live updates on how your pooch is doing.Some professional pet sitters do advertise on Craigslist but most have a website and use other means for advertising their services. The majority of pet sitters you will find on Craigslist are considered hobby sitters. They do this to earn some extra money on the side.Luckily, there are a few ways to find a reliable pet sitter. One of the best ways to find a pet sitter is by referral. Ask your friends if they have ever used a pet sitting service and contact the person they used. Another good place to look is around your neighborhood. The next time you take your pet for a walk and you see a fellow pet parent, ask them if they have used a pet service. In addition, websites such as , , or , are also a great place to find the perfect pet sitter.