Fish TacosYield: 4 servings (about 16 tacos)Time: 1 hour

*geometric fish tank. When I own a home I want a giant fish tank installed somewhere
Fish are often treated as mere merchandise. Each year, millions of them are purchased as decorative ornaments or “starter pets” for young children. Few people realize just how much fish suffer before they reach pet stores or know how to care for them properly once they get them home.
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The Waterscape Aquarium Exhibit held at the Misawa Design Institute features a series of small architectural and artsy fish tanks designed by Hakura Misawa.Meet Sparky, a micro filter for fish tanks that only costs $3. It is so simple to make and it is the perfect size for a betta tank or another small aq...This is a really hlepful article about setting up a small fish tank. The person actually knows both about caring for fish, and setting up an attractive looking aquarium. Spent 20 minutes looking through my internet history to find again. Pinning, so I don't lose it!Too often, though, in restaurants and in recipes for home cooks, the key elements of fish tacos get modified and tampered with in ways that dilute the deliciousness of the final product: blackened fish, overpoweringly smoky chipotle sauce, too-sweet mango salsa, watery pico de gallo. Worst of all are fancy slaws that crowd out the fish and add too much texture to a taco whose success depends upon a delicate balance of different kinds of crunchiness.The prototypical fish taco originated in Baja California, Mexico, and the preparation referred to in this country as “Baja-style” is similar to what you might find on the Mexican peninsula. It usually involves deep-fried white-fleshed fish, shredded cabbage, and a creamy white sauce. This is the holy fish-taco trinity, and as the dish continues to make its way outside of Mexico and into restaurants all over the United States (last week I saw fish tacos on the menu of a restaurant on a lobster dock in rural Maine), one would hope that any departures from this core formula would be made with caution. Why mess with such a good thing?So, for several years now, I have resorted to preparing fish tacos myself, and I’ve developed a set of guidelines that, if followed, yield a taco more satisfying than any of the tequila-marinated, jícama slaw-adorned, roasted pineapple salsa-topped options out there. The first rule is that you must beer batter your fish—no grilling, no baking, definitely no blackening. Serving fish tacos without frying the fish is the rough equivalent of showing someone the movie and thinking you’ve fully demonstrated Marlon Brando’s sex appeal. Don’t make this mistake.Betta fish are well known for their beautiful tails but do you know all the different betta fish tail types out there? Do you know what type of tail your betta fish has? This infographic shows them all.The second is that the cabbage must be shredded extremely fine. If you don’t already have a mandolin, it’s worth getting one both for this recipe and for general vegetable slicing purposes ( is excellent). The last element is the most labor intensive but also one of the most important: Press your own tortillas instead of using store-bought ones, and make them just 4 inches in diameter. Your tacos should be small enough that the ends of the fried fish strips poke out pleasantly at either end.